Belichick on JPP: We’ll expect his best

Patriots coach Bill Belichick thinks that Jason Pierre-Paul will be a force to reckoned with come Sunday.


Jason Pierre-Paul saw limited action last Sunday against Tampa Bay, but his play created reason for optimism for the Giants and will force future opponents to game plan against him.


Bill Belichick has taken special notice to the talented defensive end, who looked to have an extra pep in his step after missing over four months of football.


“In the Tampa game, on the road, on grass, I’m sure he’ll be faster, quicker, more explosive at home,” admitted Belichick. “I know he’s obviously very athletic and has great length, balance, speed, quickness, good motor. He’s a tough guy to block in any situation, and I’m sure he’ll be better this week than last week with another week of practice and that first game under his belt. We’ll expect his best and try to prepare as best as we can to handle him, but he’s a great player.”


Pierre-Paul failed to tally a sack against Jameis Winston, but flew through for two quarterback hits in Week 9. There’s no secret that the formula to disrupting Tom Brady’s rhythm is moving him off his spots and collapsing the pocket, but the Giants pass-rush has been virtually non-existent this season.


Pierre-Paul’s home debut will likely be an emotional event met with plenty of fanfare and excitement, but counting on a one-man band to foil Brady is too much to ask.


New York will need to find ways to create havoc upfront and force Brady into mistakes.


That’s easier said than done.


The Patriots signal-caller has only two interceptions for the season and has been slinging the ball with pinpoint accuracy even at normal PSI levels.


The Patriots head man is preparing to face a full force Pierre-Paul and fully anticipates him going fulling tilt on Sunday.


 “Well I think he played 50-some plays last week against Tampa, so his conditioning looks fine,” stated Belichick. “I’m sure he’ll be in there most of the time like he was last week, so he’ll be there.” 

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