JPP: Patriots have to come through here first

Jason Pierre-Paul isn't backing down from the challenge of knocking the Patriots off their undefeated perch.

The Giants are well versed in ruining the dreams of the New England Patriots and their fans.  The Patriots were undefeated once before when they ran into the New York Giants in 2007. Afterwards, it was the Giants and Eli Manning holding the Lombardi trophy, while the 18-1 New England Patriots suffered their only loss on the year in a stunning defeat. Once again, in February of 2008, the New England Patriots saw the Lombardi trophy slip from their grasp only to watch the New York Giants steal their glory.

 This time around, the magnitude of this game may not be quite the same, but it follows a similar script.  The patriots are again the favorite, and have not lost yet on the season. Jason Pierre-Paul knows that this is a big game, but he is up for the challenge saying, “

"It’s a big game," admitted Pierre-Paul. "They’re undefeated, they haven’t been beat yet, and it’s going to be a big game. We’re all up for the challenge. Like he said, we’re just going to go out there and play some great football.”

 Pierre-Paul made his return last weekend in their win against the Bucs, and he doesn’t seem to have had any setbacks or issues. “I felt good. Like I said, I was rusty. I felt like I played okay, I’ve got some work to do, but I’ll be okay.”

 When asked if he was concerned about people who are wondering how many yards and scores Tom Brady could put up if Brees put up 500 yards and seven touchdowns he was reminded everyone that it is different.

  “I wasn’t there,” said Pierre-Paul flatly.

 With the game approaching on Sunday, history is almost the only legitimate thing that the Giants have on their side. The Pats are first in points per game with a hall of fame quarterback and coach who are yet again favorites in the AFC.  However, if someone is going to be a thorn in their side, why shouldn’t it be the Giants again?  They have had success with getting after Brady and JPP will look to help them do it again.

 “We’re going to get to the quarterback, I know I am, I know others guys as well," noted Pierre-Paul. "We have to do whatever it takes, it’s a big game. Like I say, they’re undefeated, but they have to come through here first.”



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