Cullen Jenkins discusses keys to defending Tom Brady

Cullen Jenkins talks about his experience facing Tom Brady.

Tom Brady is a four-time Super Bowl champion and three time Super Bowl MVP. However, two of his Super Bowl losses came at the hands of the New York Giants and most specifically due to their dangerous pass rush.

Despite not having the likes of Justin Tuck, Osi Umenyiora and Michael Strahan along their defensive line and having to endure the recent loss of defensive tackle Jonathan Hankins, the Giants defensive front remain confident in their ability to get to Tom Brady.

 "I know I will get to Tom Brady” Pierre-Paul told reporters on Wednesday.

The guy that had the most to say on the pass rush was not Pierre- Paul but rather Cullen Jenkins.

  Jenkins spoke with reporters at the Giants practice facility about the keys to disrupting Brady's game. 

“Do not allow him to get comfortable, he gets the ball out fast and you have to be consistent, consistent, consistent because he will get the ball out fast but then all of a sudden he will hold onto it," noted the defensive lineman.

Jenkins has been the most consistent defensive lineman this season for the New York Giants as he yet to miss any games. He is also the most experienced as he is 34 years old has been playing in the league since 2003 when he was drafted by the Green Bay Packers.

The relationship between being experienced and being smart on the field is that the more experienced you are, the smarter you are on the field. Conventional wisdom but nonetheless is still very important to not let go unnoticed to it is pivotal to listen and understand Jenkins when he speaks. He clearly is emphasizing the fact that it is important to get consistent pressure on Brady.

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