Pierre-Paul: I'm just getting warmed up

Jason Pierre-Paul and the Giants came out on the short end of a close game Sunday, but the defensive end thinks his best days are ahead of him.

Jason Pierre-Paul was active for the second time all season in the Giants 27-26 loss to the undefeated New England Patriots. While JPP failed to register anything on the stat sheet, the former pro bowler had a few key hurries and a sack wiped away in what was an overall stout defensive outing for the Giants.

Considering it was his second game back and that he is still gelling with the defense and getting back into football shape, No. 90 performed admirably, but definitely left some plays on the field that a JPP at full health wouldn’t have. The star defensive end spoke with the Giants Beat after the deflating loss.

“Every day I’m getting better or whatever. Still got some things to take care of,” said an exhausted JPP.

Even though JPP didn’t make a direct impact on the post-game box score, the star defensive end raised the entire defense to a more competitive level throughout the game. There is a noticeable difference in the Giants’ defensive unit in the last two weeks compared to the rest of the season. JPP knows that he can still contribute more to the Giants’ defense going forward.

I’m just getting warmed up, man. Stuff happens. It is what it is, but I’m just getting warmed up and next game will be better.”

As far as the loss is concerned, it was hard for the former pro bowler to get over his frustration. JPP gave a lot of praise to Brady and displayed his maturity when giving the opposing QB credit.

“Anytime you lose, it’s frustrating. We had it right there until the end. Tom Brady is a good quarterback, you know? We were expecting him to do that, but we expected to stop the ball and get off the field. But he’s a good quarterback, what can I say?”

JPP knows that the best thing to do after a heart-breaking loss is to look forward. Pierre-Paul and the Giants organization will take away what they can from the loss, but at the end of the day they need to look to the future and how they can improve and not focus on the past.

“We’ve got to move forward. It’s a terrible loss. We wanted to win so badly, but they executed better than us today. But we’ve got to move on.

Ahead for the Giants lies a long awaited and needed bye week. As for JPP, he will continue being caught up to speed so he can create more of an impact and go back to truly being one of the more disruptive forces in the league.

 “I’m staying up here. I’d rather stay up here and keep my mind focused and get ready for the next team.”

The Giants will be rooting for the Buccaneers, Panthers, and Dolphins as they look to maintain their current divisional lead while they regain their health during the bye week.


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