Amukamara offers support for Cruz

Prince Amukamara offered his support and encouragement for Victor Cruz who will endure yet another long rehab process.

Giants nation woke up to dour news on Monday as Victor Cruz announced that he will be undergoing season-ending surgery to his left calf. 


The 29 year-old star wide receiver missed the final ten games of last season due to a torn patellar tendon in his right knee.

Prince Amukamara, no stranger to the Giants’ injury list, is empathetic towards his teammate and is hoping Cruz has the speediest of recoveries. 


The cornerback hopes Cruz will continue to cheer the team on from the sidelines and understands the physical (and mental) fortitude required to bounce back from injuries.  


“Victor is a guy that loves football and he was really expecting to be here for himself and get himself back on the field so I feel for him and just hopefully he can come back next year,” said Amukamara.


“Victor’s a very smart person. I know that he’s a very thoughtful person so I don’t think there’s really much that I can say but if I could say something just I know he’s going to be around the team, he supports us 100 percent and so I think what he can do is just still support us like he’s going to do and just try not to let himself get down.”


Cruz has three years left on his contract and is due to make $6 million this year and $8 million in 2016. Given his recent health history, Cruz will have to take a deep pay cut or be released from the only pro team he’s ever known. It is unlikely Jerry Reese will keep him on the payroll as scheduled and could save $6 million next year and $24 million in total from Cruz’s contract alone.


When asked about the finances, Amukamara was rather succinct in his reply.


“I’m not his agent so I don’t really concern myself but realistically what you’re saying is correct,” noted Amukamara.


Big Blue is hoping for several players to return after the bye, with Amukamara being one of them. He’s been out for the last five weeks and the current hiatus will go a long way in healing his torn pectoral.   


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