WR Coach Sean Ryan discusses Beckham's drop

Odell Beckham Jr. accepted the blame for the Giants Week 10 loss to the Patriots and Big Blue's wide receiver coach shared his thoughts on the crucial play that changed the complexion of the game.

The Giants are heading into their bye week off of their 27-26 loss to the New England Patriots. The Giants had the opportunity to take a 30-24 when Odell Beckham Jr. appeared to have caught a potential game winning touchdown seconds before the two minute warning. This would have forced the Patriots to need a touchdown on their final drive of the game, and the OBJ catch could have clinched the win for the Giants.

However, in one of the most chatted about plays from this past Sunday, Patriots cornerback Malcolm Butler dislodged the football from Beckham Jr’s hands after it appeared that the wide receiver had completed catch. Initially called a touchdown, the play was ruled incomplete. Giants wide receiver coach Sean Ryan spoke with the Giants Beat about the noted incompletion.

“Finish the play with the ball in your hands and it is never an issue,” Ryan bluntly stated. “The ball is caught at the highest point, brought down to your body, keep it within the framework of your body against your stomach using the third hand protecting it from the defender and it is a non-issue.”

I’m sure the reining offensive rookie of the year will be looking to incorporate his coach’s mechanical suggestions into his game during the bye week. Instead of securing the catch into his chest, Beckham Jr extend his arms away from the defender, inadvertently minimizing his control of the football.

“No, he felt that the defender was behind him and in his mind he was bringing it down and then had to get it farther away from [Butler],” Ryan commented. “[Butler] reached around this side and got his hand on it.

Beckham Jr. shouldn’t be shouldering a lot of the blame considering it was a remarkable defensive play by the Patriots former Super Bowl hero. However the LSU protégée is never shy about accepting responsibility for his performance shortcomings. 

“He came off the sideline and acknowledged the fact that the ball should have ended up in his hands and it would not have been an issue.”

OBJ’s ability to accept responsibility is yet another admirable trait for the remarkably talented wide receiver. OBJ and the Giants will continue to refine their ball security practices over the bye week, so that on a future opportunity he will be able to complete the catch in a high stakes atmosphere.


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