Jonathan Casillas: We frustrated Brady

The New York Giants frustrated Tom Brady, but it wasn't enough according to tackling machine Jonathan Casillas.

            Former New England Patriots linebacker Jonathan Casillas, who won the Super Bowl last year, had plenty to say following the loss to his former team after the game on Sunday. Casillas spoke to reporters after the game and explained to them the frustration that the New York Giants felt after what seemed like another sure win that was blown by the Giants once again.

 “Tom Brady is too good so it was important for us to disguise our defense,” noted Casillas. “Despite not winning the game and capitalizing on a good performance, our defense definitely frustrated Tom Brady by showing him different looks on defense and forcing a lot of pressure and incomplete passes.”

Casillas is clearly trying to say that the teams on both sides of the ball experienced frustration in the game, which also goes to show that both teams were playing extremely well. The former New England linebacker also talked about what is was like when he played for the team in Foxboro admitting it was very difficult to prepare for games because the defensive playbook constantly changed as opposed to being on the Giants who have a very strict game plan each week.

This clearly shows the different kinds of styles of two teams that have a great history of success as well as a great history against each other as they have met face to face in two Super Bowls.

Casillas turned in a strong game as he put up seven tackles and really did a great job of holding his own in pass coverage. He also did a strong job of helping out the secondary as much as possible in their multi-faceted zone coverage packages.

  Casillas spoke very casually to reporters after the game and it is evident that he and the rest of the New York Giants feel very confident moving forward about their ability to rebound nicely and continue their push towards winning the NFC East. 

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