Herzlich: Beckham not at fault for loss to Pats

Odell Beckham Jr dropped touchdown pass at the end of the fourth quarter on Sunday which in many are pointing towards as the reason why the New York Giants lost to the New England Patriots. After the Pats loss, Giants linebacker Mark Herzlich defended Beckham and made sure the blame for the loss should not be put on Big Blue’s star wideout.

After the New York Giants lost to the New England Patriots on Sunday, many were blaming one person for the loss, Odell Beckham Jr.

The Giants star wide receiver dropped a touchdown pass from quarterback Eli Manning in the last two minutes of the game vs the Pats. Because of Beckham’s dropped pass, the Giants would ultimately have to settle for a field goal that only gave them a two point lead.

As everyone knows, the Patriots offense on drove down the field and kicked a field goal to win the game 27-26.

If Beckham did what he normally does in catching the ball in the end zone, the Giants would at least be up five and forcing the Pats to have to score a touchdown instead of just needing a field goal to win the game.

With all the heat being placed on Beckham for the loss, Giants linebacker Mark Herzlich did something that a true teammate would do in coming to Beckham’s defense.

“It's not his fault, it's not any one person's fault,” Herzlich said. “This is why football is the best sport, because nothing falls on one guy, regardless.”

Herzlich actions help speak volumes about his character and emphasizes that football is the ultimate team sport.

The Giants had other opportunities during the game that they didn’t take advantage of that would have helped them win the game.

For example, the defense allowing the Patriots to drive down and giving them a chance to kick the game winning field goal. You can also add the offense not getting any points after getting great field position from Tom Brady’s fumble during the third quarter.

It was a team loss for the Giants against the Patriots as Herzlich would say. It wasn’t a loss that should be all on the hands of Beckham.


This whole season the Giants have had brutal late game losses and in every one of them, both the offense defense or specials for that matter, factor into Big Blue losing those games.

Still though with all those heartbreaking losses, the Giants are 5-5 on the season. They are in first place of the NFC East and control their destiny the rest of the way. Every Giants fan would have signed up for that at the beginning of the season, so the Giants will need to put this loss to the Pats in the rearview and focus on making the playoffs with these six game remaining in the regular season.

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