Giants defensive line coach Robert Nunn impressed by JPP's progress

Jason Pierre-Paul has only two games under his belt this season, but according to Robert Nunn the defensive end has made a major impact since returning from injury.

Jason Pierre-Paul has been back on the field for the New York Giants for two games now. Defensive line coach Robert Nunn talked to us regarding his thoughts on how JPP has been playing, how he looks, and the adjustments that still need to be made.

 After the initial injury, there were a lot of different reports about JPP and many things were up in the air. Due to the seriousness of the incident, JPP’s life and well being was the first priority and then there was concern about his career and how good a player he could continue to be. Coach Nunn was no different than the rest of us at first with his expectations of JPP.

  “At first, no one knew and he didn’t know and there was concern about a lot of things; his career, his life and everything from the very beginning the guy had --- the first thing he was wondering was if he was going to live when it first happened. As time went on, I felt comfortable that he was going to get back in here and we are back now and are started and we will keep adjusting to what is best for him.”

 Coach Nunn praised Pierre-Paul’s attitude in dealing with different techniques saying, “He has come in here with the right frame of mind and he is working through everything we have put out, so he has done a good job with that.” Although Pierre-Paul doesn’t have eye-catching stats through two games, his impact can’t and shouldn’t be limited to just the statsheet. “When he is out there, they know he is out there and it helps everyone else, so he has had some really good pressures and he had the sack that was taken away yesterday on a tough call, but if he continues to do what he is doing right now, things are going to work out.”

 Finally, Nunn talked about the equipment related to JPP and working on finding the best choice that makes him the most comfortable. “We are hoping to get to a softer glove where he can grip a little bit, but it is what he is comfortable with and we keep adjusting and like I said, this whole thing we are using a little bit of trial and error, we don’t have any instructions to go by, so we will keep letting him --- he and Ronnie are constantly working on it and what he likes and constantly working on it, so we will keep adjusting.”


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