Prince Amukamara,'100 percent', 'ready to go'

Prince Amukamara will make his long awaited return from an torn pectoral muscle and the Giants cornerback will be tested early against Redskins speedster DeSean Jackson.

Injuries has decimated the Giants depth chart throughout the 2015 season, but thankfully after the bye week the G-Men may be as healthy as they have been all season long. The 5-5 Giants will be regaining one of their top two cornerbacks in Prince Amukamara who has missed the past 5 games with a pectoral injury. Amukamara feels ready to get back to playing four quarters of football.

“I feel like I’m ready to play four quarters of a football game… I feel 100 percent. I feel ready to go.”

While it is encouraging to hear such adamant statements from the former first round pick, he will having a daunting opponent in the Redskins’ receiving corps. Both Desean Jackson and Pierre Garcon have established credible reputations in the NFL, and it is likely that Amukamara will be lining up against Jackson.

“He’s freakishly fast. I’ve been watching the Redskins the last two weeks and he’s been flying past a lot of people, but I’ve played against him my five years here so I know what to expect.”

Amukamara’s confidence in his abilities to take out one of the most potent offensive threats in the league is optimistic. But while Amukamara says he feels 100 percent healthy and fully capable of playing at the top of his game, the Giants cornerback will be wearing a protective brace on his chest this Sunday.

“I’m sure I’m going to be in a brace to protect myself a little bit, but if I had any doubt that I would injure it more or if the doctors did I don’t think I’d be out there.”

While it is optimal for Amukamara to have a clean bill of health, it is important to note that a brace around a player’s chest can be restrictive and affect their on-the-field abilities. Prince has been practicing in a brace all week to “brace” himself for the impact of wearing one on Sunday.

“It’s a little stiff at first, but once I start warming up and get some sweat in it I forget that I have it on. I don’t feel any restrictions, I run pretty good, jam pretty good.”

The Giants corner will be wearing a different brace that adapts to shoulder pads during Sunday, so it is likely he will not have all the kinks worked out from wearing it before game time. Regardless, Amukamara has trained his body to fell a different level of adrenaline when he takes the field, annulling any physical restrictions to his game.

Anytime I step on the field I think my body just assumes it’s 100 percent. Like even today, I didn’t think I was hurt unless I did a movement and then I felt something pinch, but I didn’t.”

In addition to practicing fully all week in preparation for Sunday, Amukamara had worked on his conditioning throughout the duration of his upper body injury and stated that his legs are “very fresh,” which is an advantage when going against a speedster like Desean Jackson.

The Giants currently sit atop the NFC East at 5-5, in full control of their own potential playoff-filled destiny. While the injuries they have endured appeared to be set backs during the beginning of the season, now that the Giants have key players returning from injuries, they have more experience and depth as a collective roster. The Giants will look to move to 6-5 with a win over their division opponent the 

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