Coughlin: Nicks 'the best player out there'

Coach Tom Coughlin offered some high praise for wide receiver Hakeem Nicks who is now in his second stint with the Giants.

For the first time since he re-signed with the New York Giants last week, Hakeem Nicks was back on the practice field for the G-Men.

The 27 year-old looked to be very happy to be back with the Giants and having a good time playing with his teammates. 

 "I’ll be point blank with you, Hakeem was the best player out there for right now, for the circumstances," admitted Coughlin. "Matter of fact, he was someone who we figured was in the sights of other clubs. Certainly he’s been a Giant before, it’s a different system. But we know the player, we know the young man and, quite frankly, he was, in our opinion, the best player out there."

After it was announced last week that wide receiver Victor Cruz was going to have season ending surgery on his calf, the Giants decided to bring Nicks a back to play for Big Blue.

The Giants wide receiver position has been thin all season because of Cruz inability play, so the Giants had to find a way to add some depth to the position and they felt Nicks could be that guy who could bring something to the table for them.

The question is though, can Nicks be the same player he was back when he helped the Giants win a Super Bowl in 2012?

After that Giants super bowl, Nicks was again off to a great start in beginning 2012-2013 season, but a early season knee injury plagued him the rest of the way and he hasn’t been the same player since

IIt will be interesting to see what Nicks can do for the Giants.

The trio of Odell Beckham Jr, Rueben Randle and Dwayne Harris have all had really nice seasons for the G-Men so far.

That helps out Nicks, who if can at least be productive for the Giants, will help make the Big Blue aerial attack more dangerous.

Also the fact that Nicks and Giants quarterback Eli Manning had such a great rapport for each other back when they were playing together, will make it easier for Nicks to get comfortable in the Giants offense.

I mean just look at what bringing back James Jones has done for the Green Bay Packers. Jones and Aaron Rodgers great connection with one another, clicked back instantly when Jones came back and it’s the reason why right now the Packers are in first place in the NFC North.


Right now, the Giants hold a one game lead in the NFC East. With a win against division rival Washington Redskins this weekend, Big Blue can eliminate one team chasing them for the division.

Nicks play can help the Giants make that happen on Sunday and could be that piece the G-Men need to help them run away with NFC East, here in the last six games of the season.

Everyone is happy to have Nicks back on board. Let's see what No. 88 can do in his second stint with Big Blue.

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