Coughlin having 'a lot more fun' this year

The tight-lipped head coach admitted that he's enjoying himself now that the Giants are leading the division.

Every NFC East division game is going to be a huge affair from here on out. All of the teams have a reasonable opportunity to make a push for the division crown.  The New York Giants play the Redskins on Sunday after meeting them earlier in the season in week 3, where the Giants were victorious. The Giants currently lead the division at 5-5, with the Eagles and Redskins on their heels at 4-6. The Dallas Cowboys are 3-7, but feel good about their chances as the health of Tony Romo and Dez Bryant improve.

 Coach Tom Coughlin was asked if he would let tell his team that “this is for first place”, or if it was understood.

"“Oh no, I tell them and they understand it," admitted Coughlin. "We try to make everything absolutely clear, absolutely understandable, the circumstances, as we go along. The six-game season, one game at a time, this is the most important game of the year, right here in the division.”

 The Giants have added a familiar face in an effort to beat the Redskins. Hakeem Nicks who was drafted in the first round by the Giants, and played his first five seasons with the team has returned. It is still a huge question mark as to how much he can add to the team, and it is kind of a ‘wait and see’ situation currently.

 “Well, we’re going to have to find that out," Coughlin said. "That’s what this week’s practice is all about. We’ll have him on scout team doing a lot of things so that we can see how he plays in that regard. And then we’ll have to judge how fast he comes along with learning—the experience, etc., will help him but, nevertheless, it’s a different offense.”

 When asked about what he tells the team about the difference in the importance of the games at this time of year is, Coughlin spoke to remaining fundamentally sound.

“To be honest with you, it’s an awful lot about fundamentals and about technique," noted Coughlin. "Again, not having any kind of split-focus, but focusing on the most important thing, which is the next snap, the next play. Play your butt off and I’ll let you know what the score is.”

 The Giants haven’t been in much of a position to make a playoff push in quite some time. In fact, since winning the Super Bowl during the 2011 season they haven’t returned. Currently leading the division, it is an exciting time and the team doesn’t want to miss out on such a good opportunity.

 “It’s a lot of fun compared to where we’ve been the last couple of years,” Coughlin said.

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