Devon Kennard: Redskins 'play harder at home'

Devon Kennard spoke with reporters about the Giants upcoming matchup with Washington and admitted the Redskins are an entirely different team when they play in front of the adoring home fans.

            When the Giants linebacker Devon Kennard spoke to reports in regards to this week’s matchup against the division rival Washington Redskins his big concern seemed to be that they are playing them in Washington. He spoke about how they are a different team at home then they are on the road. He even backed it up by saying look at the positive results the Redskins have had at home in comparison to being on the road.

“They play really well at home," noted Kennard. "They play harder at home than they do when playing away as the results have been positive for them this year.”

The Redskins have a 4-1 record at home so forget their 0-5 record on the road because the evidence is clear as there is a great disparity between the Washington Redskins as opposed to on the road.

            “These upcoming six games are huge for us," admitted Kennard. "Coach always says that these division games count as two.”

            It really is the only way to look at the season, which is to forget what has happened and to moving forward. The Washington Redskins sit one game behind the Giants in the standings in the battle for the NFC East crown. After losses by the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles on Thanksgiving day it may be safe to assume that this division will come down to the Redskins and the Giants making this game all the more huge. If the Redskins were to win than they would claim the division lead but have the same records. However, if the Giants were to win than they would take a two game lead in the division basically cementing a lead that they most likely will not relinquish.

            “They got great running backs as they have three guys that can do a lot of damage," said Kennard. "Their offensive lineman play really well to as if you look at clips you can see them running all the way down the field.”

            Kennard makes good points that they not only have a good running game but a committee of running backs that can beat you. They also have a strong offensive line that does more than is expected of them. It is obviously a good sign that they have a linebacker that can recognize the strengths of the Redskins and make an effort to do anticipate and game plan how to stop it.



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