The Giants Beat Report Card: Week 12 Edition

The grades are in and they're not pretty following Big Blue's letdown against Kirk Cousins and company.

Clarity in the NFC East, is still nowhere to be found.


The New York Giants missed a chance to take total control of the division when they lost to the Washington Redskins on Sunday, 20-14.


Just like their game against the Philadelphia Eagles earlier in the season, the Giants turned the ball over too many times on offense and couldn’t get stops on crucial third downs on defense.


Let's take a look at this week's Giants Report Card: Week 12 Edition.


Passing Offense:

The Giants passing attack on paper and on the field this season, has been producing at a high level. That though wasn’t the case against the Redskins, where Giants quarterback Eli Manning and his receivers, had a tough time getting on the same page. On the first drive of the game, Manning throw a pass that went off the hands of running back Shane Vereen, that was intercepted. On the next drive, Eli threw another interception after Dwayne Harris loss control of the ball when he got hit in midair and Washington were able to catch it for the pick. On the day Manning was 26-51 for 326 yards with two touchdowns and three interceptions.


Only one of Manning's interceptions was on him. His pick in the endzone that cost the Giants a chance to get points on the board. You can also blame wideout Rueben Randle to since he didn’t run the route correctly and allowed the defender to step in front of him to get the interception. In fact besides his 36 yard touchdown catch that got the Giants on the board, Randle was no-show for the Giants.. That’s a big reason why Manning targeted Odell Beckham Jr. 18 times in the game.


A lot of the problems for the Giants offense in general during Sunday’s game was injuries to the offensive line. The Giants played without three of starting offensive lineman in the game. That affected Manning's comfort level in the pocket and the inability to have time to get the ball down the field.


Final Grade: C-


Running Offense:

There was no running game whatsoever for the Giants against the Redskins. Most of it again was because of the injuries to the offensive line. The Giants running backs did not have any roles to run really because the offensive line couldn’t get a push upfront. Going into the game, the Giants running game by committee was doing really well and was the reason why the Giants were able to have success through air the past couple of game. Since Big Blue could only total up 33 yards rushing against Washington, Manning had to throw the ball 51 times and that ignited the Redskins pass rush.


Final Grade: D


Passing Defense:

The Giants defense overall played a decent game. After the offense turned the ball over on their first two drives of the game, the defense stood up with their backs against the wall and didn’t allow the Redskins to score. The passing defense did a good job limiting the Redskins explosive aerial attack. The secondary did give up big plays that cost the Giants the game. First the Desean Jackson 63 yard touchdown catch in the second quarter and then tight end Jordan Reed’s first down catch on third down with three minutes that ultimately helped Washington seal the deal. Also the Giants pass rush again could not get pressure on the quarterback. Cousins never even got sacked in the game.


Final Grade: B-


Rushing Defense:

The Redskins rushing attack accumulated for 105 yards on the ground, so an average day for the Giants run defense. Big Blue was able to stuff up the run in the early stages of the second half and gave the Giants a chance to get back in the game. Still though when it matter most, the Giants could not stop Redskins running back Alfred Morris from picking a key first down with two minutes to go in the game, that helped Washington close out the game.


Final Grade: C+


Special Teams:

It was a good day for the Giants special teams. Brad Wing had a nice game punting the football and Josh Brown was perfect on his extra point tries in the kicking game. Add a block field goal to that and it equals a solid day on special teams. Only bad spots would be Harris in both return games, not being able to pin the Redskins down inside their own two yard line and then making a bad decision to try to return the punt at the end of the game, when he should have just let go into the endzone for a touchback.


Final Grade: B+



Because of the Giants lackluster effort and performance in the first half, head coach Tom Coughlin did not have a good game coaching from the sidelines. Not having your team ready to go after a bye week and especially for a huge division game, can’t happen if you're a veteran coach like Coughlin in. If he cannot get the Giants pumped up and ready to go for the rest of the season, Coughlin will be heading to the unemployment line by the beginning of January.


Final Grade: C


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