Amukamara applauds Redskins for savvy move

Prince Amukamara was burned by DeSean Jackson on Sunday for a long touchdown and New York's cornerback admits the Redskins caught the defense off-guard.

            The New York Giants have not only been inconsistent over the course of the 2015 season but over the course of their recent history during the Coughlin and Manning era as well. There are two most successful years came when they won two Super Bowls but did not exceed 9 wins in either one of those seasons. Being the leader of the defense it is Amukamara who needs to not only set the tone on the field but off the field as well. Amukamara was with the Giants during the most recent Super Bowl victory and if anyone on this Giants defense has an idea of when the Giants are clicking and when they aren’t clicking that it is he.

"Yeah, you’ve brought up good evidence and I think we’re well aware that inconsistency is our biggest problem and we’re definitely trying to fix that, because, you’re right, I feel like when we’re on, we’re on and when we’re off, we’re off, so we just have to be consistent with that light switch,” noted Amukamara.

“I think it was right after a timeout and yeah, I don’t think I was set on that play, but I was able to still get myself in position. I think you’ve just got to applaud the offensive coordinator and Kirk Cousins for throwing a great ball. I mean, it was a good matchup. DRC was out, it was right after a timeout and they just caught us on one. It was a great play by them.”

            Taking no responsibility for being burned down the field by DeSean Jackson, Amukamara seemed like a man full of excuses rather than a man full of answers. Yes, there should have been some safety help but Jackson made a stud cornerback of the Giants look non-existent as the deep ball down field went completely uncontested. Excuses cannot take back the play that turned out to be the difference in this game and a play that was a huge momentum swing by giving the Redskins a two-possession lead that they would not relinquish.

            “I think guys right now, I think we’re all just focused on this just being just another opponent that we need to beat. We’re still trying to win the division and I don’t think it’s about who we’re playing and if we need a rivalry to get us up, I feel like yesterday, I feel like we should’ve been more amped than any game on our schedule. I don’t think we need it to be a rivalry for us to get us up. We know how great the Jets are, we know they came up with a huge win yesterday against the Dolphins so we know what’s ahead of us.”

            It has been almost four years now since Victor Cruz burned the Jets for a 99 yard touchdown against the Jets that was the start of a massive Super Bowl run that enabled the G-men to win six straight games. With five crucial games left in the season the Giants can use another type of performance like Cruz did in that game in their quest to win the NFC East. A redemption performance by Amukamara will be needed, as his most likely assignment of defending Brandon Marshall will be no easy task. The Jets have been red hot and like the Jets the Giants are on the borderline of the playoffs as well. A win by one of these teams in a big rivalry game in the battle for New York can spark one of these teams to go on a huge run but the big question is who will it be.




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