Beckham 'definitely prepared' for Revis

The Jets haven't ruled their star cornerback out and Odell Beckham Jr. is keeping a close eye on the status of No. 24.

Darrelle Revis appears to be a longshot to play on Sunday given the fact he’s still experiencing post-concussion symptoms, but that hasn’t stopped wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. from preparing to face one of the world’s best cornerbacks.

 “Definitely prepared and looked into it,” admitted Beckham. “I mean, you have to, you have to study a guy like that. Obviously we know that he studies, studies in the offseason, during the bye week. I guess not much more to say. We don’t really know what exactly the case is for Sunday so just keep preparing and I guess keep playing it by ear.”

 Beckham got his first taste of a matchup with Revis during the preseason; hauling in five receptions for 31 yards. Clearly the Week 13 contest will have much more on the line than that Snoopy Bowl that was played back in late-August, but Beckham admitted that he wants to Revis to play in order to get a chance to stack up against the best.

 “You just got to move on,” said Beckham about the slim likelihood Revis will play. “We still play the Jets. Last time I was concerned, it wasn’t me versus Revis. It would have been fun to be able to go against a guy like that. Obviously, you know I have high praise for him. Unfortunate that he’s not playing, but down the road, you never know, there may be a matchup there. But right now we’re focused on beating the Jets.”

 The last time these two teams met it wasn’t Beckham, but Victor Cruz who haunted the Jets secondary by breaking a tackle at the 1-yard line and breaking free for a game-changing touchdown. Beckham is currently filling the void left behind by Cruz, and while the second year pro wasn’t in the NFL back during the 2011 Christmas Eve classic; he recalls the play that changed the course of both franchises like it was yesterday.

 “Yeah, he caught, I think it was an out, or something like that,” admitted Beckham. “He made a guy miss and split two guys, I think, and just took off. I think we always clowned him and we tried to tell him he didn’t have as much speed. And you just see that play and anytime you can take a play 99 yards, you have to have some speed with you. So I definitely do remember that.”

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