Larry Donnell's season could be over

New York's tight end will undergo another MRI in two weeks and the season outlook isn't looking great for Eli Manning's security blanket.

The Giants have had a ton of issues this season and these issues are to blame for their underperforming season so far. The offensive line is totally banged up,

 Victor Cruz is out for the year, Jason Pierre-Paul is playing with only nine fingers, and now Larry Donnell is in a position where he may not be able to see the field this season.

 Doctors told Donell that he will miss at least the next two weeks but the tight end feels that it is necessary to go for a follow up MRI in the hopes that doctors misdiagnosed his injury. Unfortunately, Donell may be stuck on the sidelines as it may be in his best interest to not further damage the neck injury. 

 “It’s just one of those things that continues to linger and thinking that the neck injury would have kept me out for only a week I guess was naïve of me.”

 You definitely don’t want to play around with a neck injury but looking at him from week to week and being able to participate in practices it really did seem he was so close to being given the green light to play. Yes, it didn’t work out that way for both Donnell and the New York Giants but it really would have made a huge difference in the Giants as some of the close games that they have lost could have been decided by his presence. Giants fans know that the dropped passes and lack of passing options makes them miss Donnell that much more.

 “Am I worried? Not really I just want to start playing football again," said Donnell. "I know my teams needs and I hope to get back out on the field soon.”

 Reporters asked the tight end if he was worried about the possibility of missing the remainder of the season. Truthfully, after the recent diagnosis it should absolutely be a concern for both him and the New York Giants. If the Giants want to make the playoffs they are going to need him down the stretch and getting him back on the field as soon as possible is essential to the success of the New York Giants.

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