Keys to the Game: Giants vs. Jets

The Giants Beat met with offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo, defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo and special teams coordinator Tom Quinn to discuss the keys to beating the Jets.

The Giants will face the Jets in a mutual home game at MetLife stadium on Sunday. The Jets have the league’s best rush defense, holding opponents on under 85 yards a game, while allowing the third least amount of yards in 2015. The Gants will have achieve balance on offense while keeping the Jets offensive weapons at bay. Offensive and defensive coordinator Ben McAdoo and Steve Spagnuolo spoke with the Giants Beat about their perspective keys to the game.

“They’re good against the run…we anticipate going into the game and being able to run the ball this week. It’s important to us,” McAdoo stated.

Attaining a balance in the offensive game plan could open up things through the air via play action. With Revis downgraded to out for the second week in a row, McAdoo believes that Beckham Jr. could still receive single coverage.

“They have some talented DBs over there in their secondary so I wouldn’t be surprised if he got some one-on-one coverage either way.”

If OBJ is given double coverage, Randle and Dwayne Harris will called upon once again to step up to move the chains. On the defensive side of things, the focus will be on stopping matchup nightmare Brandon Marshall through the air and Chris Ivory on the ground.

We’ll mix it up,” Spagnuolo commented on the coverage on Marshall. “I think there are going to be times when we’re going to have to do that [mix coverages], then we’ll have to rely on DRC and Prince or whatever corner is out there to cover. He’s one of the top in the league, but I think our guys will battle him.”

Spagnuolo expressed full confidence in his two top corners; but they will have to do more than stop Brandon Marshall. Chris Ivory is currently fifth in the league in rush yards amongst independent running backs. Spagnuolo witnessed Ivory’s running intensity first hand when they both were in New Orleans and the defensive coordinator has garnered a lot of respect for number 33.

“He’s a violent runner and when he gets to the edge, he’s scary, we talked a lot about that. But build a wall, set the edge, try to track the hip when he cuts it back, but he’s going to be a challenge for us.”

The Giants will have to focus on finishing tackles this week as Chris Ivory is able to bounce off of opposing defenders as well as anyone in the NFL. If the Giants hop out to an early lead and force the Jets to rely on the arm of Fitzpatrick, JPP could have an impact.

“He looks a lot more comfortable to me,” Spagnuolo said on JPP’s progress. “Talking about JPP, we hope with his third game under his belt, maybe we start to see the guy that I know he wants to be.”

The Giants will look to shut down Marshall and Ivory while opening up their offense through the run game this Sunday at 1PM.



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