Eli: Coughlin made 'right call' on 4th-and-2

Eli Manning supported his head coach's risky move that backfired down by the goal line.

The Giants lost a heartbreaker in overtime to their crosstown rival, New York Jets on Sunday by a score of 23-20.  Another fourth quarter blown lead caused the Giants to lose another game to fall to 5-7. 

 “We’ve had opportunities, we’ve had chances, we’ve been right there in the mix. It’s in the last drive or within the last drives,” said Eli Manning. “We’ve just got to find ways to make critical plays in the game and in the fourth quarter, and we haven’t been able to make enough of them to win these tight games.”

 Many people questioned the call to go for it 4th and 2 on the Jets 4 yard line with the score at 20-10. Eli Manning was intercepted on the play and the series ended with zero points to show for it. However, a lot changes after that play if they do kick the field goal, so its not realistic to say they would’ve won in regulation simply because it eventually went to overtime.

"We got down there earlier and kicked a field goal, and got down a second time with a chance to win the game," said Manning. "It may not win the game right there, but extend the lead and give yourself three scores. I like the call. I think it’s the right call. I think we need to execute. We’ve got to put it in right there and we didn’t do it."

 Eli Manning had a subpar game, and didn’t do enough to allow the Giants to get the win.  In no way was the loss solely Eli’s fault, but he was a contributing factor to the loss.  He had his second lowest completion percentage of the season at 52.9%, and his third lowest QBR on the season at 32.1. 

 Manning’s lone touchdown occurred after the Jets tied the game at 10 in the second quarter. Manning put the ball in OBJ’s hands and he galloped his way to a 72-yard receiving touchdown right before the two-minute warning.  Just before the end of the half, Manning led the offense down the field to set up Josh Brown for a 35-yard field goal to take a 20-10 lead going into halftime.

 That lead fell apart down the stretch as the Jets finished the game on a 13-0, including the field goal in overtime.  Manning gave his team a chance in overtime with the 48-yard field goal attempt by Josh Brown that was missed to end the game.

 However, again in Manning’s defense, the running game is really struggling, and is causing the offense to need to pass. The defense is aware of this as well. They only ran for 74 yards against a strong Jets rush defense. In addition to that, the offensive line is banged up, and OT Ereck Flowers suffered an injury during the contest to add to the long line of injuries across the line.

 Manning recognizes that these are games that need to be won as the season gets closer to the end of the season.

We’re still going to have an opportunity and we’re still going to have a chance to win some games, but obviously opportunities are running limited and we need to find ways to win some games.



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