Pierre-Paul: I gave 110 percent, did my job

The Giants defensive end says he did everything in his power to get the victory.

Jason Pierre- Paul, Odell Beckahm Jr., and Dwayne Harris came ready to play today. As for the rest of the New York Giants the same cannot really be said, as they got embarrassed in a battle for New York at the Meadowlands. The loss not only puts the Giants another game behind in the division race but it also puts coach Tom Coughlin in jeopardy of losing his head coaching job. 

"At the end of the day, it is a rivalry, whatever you want to call it," noted PierrePaul. "I was out there playing football, trying to win a game, but we fell short today, so I am pissed off. I am going to go home and watch the film when it comes up on my Ipad and see where I can get better and help other players and as a D-line that is what we need."

            Despite throwing his fists up in anger following the game-tying touchdown drive in the fourth quarter, Pierre- Paul was one of the few bright spots in this contest against the Jets. Pierre- Paul was able to help get pressure on Fitzpatrick all day. Despite not recording any sacks, Pierre-Paul was able to get a ton of quarterback hits as well as secure six tackles, one of them being an assist.

"I don’t know. We have to look at the film. We played a good game, everyone played well," said Pierre-Paul. "Me personally, as long as everyone is giving 110 percent, I’m fine with it. I gave 110 percent today and I walked off that field knowing that I did my job."

            It’s very easy to have thought that the defensive end would have been less effective after his fireworks incident last summer, which caused him to lose one of his fingers. However, the glove on his hand has compensated very well for his inability use his hand to tackle. After preaching all off season and even over the course of the first half of the regular season about how his quick movements and freak athleticism would still make him extremely effective was made fun of, critics might have been put in their place now.

"No, it is no different --- I repped it all week and that is what side I have decided to go on, but you will see me back and forth this Sunday," said Pierre-Paul of switching sides of the field.

            It is important for Pierre- Paul to stay on top of his game for the next four games as the New York Giants are most likely going to have to win out if theya have any shot at the playoffs. Sitting at 5-7 it is going to be put on the back of the defense led by their star pass rusher Pierre- Paul to help counter act their struggling offense. That and of course a little luck by having the rest of the NFC east continue to struggle.

Nevertheless, Josh Brown's missed field goal attempt in overtime sent the Giants home packing, but Pierre-Paul didn't blame the loss on his placekicker. 

"Things happen, man. It’s football --- nine times out of 10, he will make that, he just didn’t," said Pierre-Paul. "It wasn’t his fault that we lost the game. We should have played much better."


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