Amukamara: 'I lost that battle' with Marshall

The Giants cornerback had his hands full with Brandon Marshall in Week 13.

The Giants let another fourth quarter lead slip away from their grasp as they lost in overtime to the New York Jets, 23-20.  The Giants have had a problem holding onto fourth quarter leads this season, and with the season nearing its end, finishing is key. 

 Late in the fourth quarter, the Jets were able to drive down the field and score on a pass to Brandon Marshall in the end zone with 27 seconds to go to help send it to overtime. Prince Amukamara, who was actually in decent position, spoke about the play afterward.

 “Referring to the last touchdown, it just sucks because I knew that play was coming, so that’s why I played off and I thought it would (discourage) Fitzpatrick from throwing it, but he’s going to believe in his guy more than me. He threw it to the perfect spot and Marshall is big guy, he boxed me out. But those are the plays I have to make and just prove to my team that I can make those plays and I came up short. No doubt, that was a key play in the game and I lost that battle.”

 The defense has had difficulties closing out games when they are given the lead in the fourth quarter this season. Even with all the blown losses, if they can turn it around now, they can still make a strong case to win the NFC East. 

 Prince Amukamara spoke to the fact that it isn’t for lack of awareness of the importance of the fourth quarter that is causing the breakdowns. “I don’t know if you see us on the sideline, but the fourth quarter, everyone puts one hand up, one finger up. That just means ‘hey, let’s take it up another notch, let’s take it up another level.’ We’re vowing to each other, ‘hey, I’m going to take it up another level.’ We just believe in each other and just take it up another level. Why we’re not finishing in the second half, I couldn’t tell you. That’s coach’s job. I mean, of course, I have my opinion, but I’m not going to share it with you.”

 The Giants will travel to Miami to play the Dolphins next Monday night. With only four games left in the regular season, each game is crucial.

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