Amukamara marvels at Coughlin's jumping jacks

The Giants cornerback was impressed by the fitness level of his soon-to-be 70 year-old head coach.

Monday night saw Big D do a solid for Big Blue. By defeating Washington, the Dallas Cowboys not only kept their own slim playoff hopes alive, they also extended the Giants’ season, allowing New York to be masters of their own destiny. A relieved Prince Amukamara understands the opportunity his team’s been handed and wants them to take full advantage.


“Exactly and I think as were we guys, guys know that we still have another opportunity and we can’t just keep hurting ourselves”


The 5-year veteran corner doesn’t believe the team’s current losing streak is distracting the team, citing their efforts on and off the field.


“It shows in the weight room, it shows in the film, it shows out on the practice field that guys are still focused and they know the task at hand,” admitted Amukamara.


Facing a must-win game against the Dolphins on MNF and perhaps to motivate the players as well as the coaching staff, Coach Coughlin decided to throw down some jumping jacks during his press conference with beat reporters. The move did not surprise Amukamara who’s used to seeing his coach move about and lead from the front.


“Not at all, Coach Coughlin does a great job of encouraging our team and always just being positive so it doesn’t surprise me at all and plus, especially I don’t know if you’re talking about his physical condition but he’s very active, I see him in the weight room, in practice every time so if that’s what you’re referring to, not at all…he’s very active,” noted Amukamara.


Speaking about the Fins, Amukamara understands the comparisons of Jarvis Landry with real-life best friend Odell Beckham Jr. Both are deep threats that possess spectacular speed and fantastic hands which means Prince will have to keep on his toes while not giving too much maneuvering room to the opposition.    


“Well, they are pretty much similar, especially with catch-ability and just the flair that they bring to the game so it’s going to be exciting,” said the Giants cornerback.


Like Beckham, Landry is in his second year and has so far topped most of his receiving stats compared to his rookie year although he’s been inconsistent of late. Two weeks ago in a loss to the Jets, Landry played his best game of the season as he caught 13 passes for 165 yards and 1 touchdown. Only a week later, Landry posted a season-low 2 receptions for 5 yards as the Dolphins beat the Ravens.


Amukamara will be preparing for the former threat, hoping the latter shows up instead.   

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