JPP 'strong rallying point' for Giants

The defensive end has not only bolstered the Giants pass-rush but helped to lift the spirits of his fellow teammates.

If the Giants have any shot at winning the NFC east this year it will be because of Jason Pierre- Paul being able to return to form. All season long it was Pierre- Paul that was the one who made headlines about his highly anticipated return to the New York Giants defensive line. However, now that he is finally here it has been less a topic of conversation when it should be a bigger one. After practice this week reporters got the chance to speak with him about his thoughts for the upcoming games against the Miami Dolphins on Monday night football.

            "He's a strong rallying point for our team. He's an exceptional athlete," Coughlin said Wednesday during a conference call with Miami-area reporters ahead of Monday night's game against the Dolphins. "To see him use his right hand last week the way he did, means that he is getting comfortable and confident that he can do that and be successful.

            When coach Tom Coughlin referred to his right hand like that he was referring to the hand that was caught in the firework accident causing him to lose a finger. Now playing football with what looks like a baseball mitt it appears that the star defensive end is finding his way in this league and is playing very confidently.

            "We expect him to be a huge factor in terms of pressuring the quarterback, and also playing the run." 

            The tumultuous defensive end has always been a weapon against both the pass and run. However, when suffering the accident it was unknown he would still be able to stop the run. He put those doubts to bed last week against the New York Jets as he looked like he was in mid season form.

            "He's played on the right and the left side," Coughlin said. "We think last week was his best game because he, quite frankly, he had no preseason, he had no warm-up or anything of that nature. So he was determined to improve and to play better, and he did."

            What’s most interesting about the injury that Pierre- Paul suffered is that he became better on the left side of the ball than on the right side because his inside hand with the injury positions himself better on the left side. Going up against Lamar Miller of the Miami Dolphins will be no easy task for anyone of the defense but they will be ready and if there sign has any hope left then they better be ready.


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