DRC not shying away from matchup with Landry

Dominique Rogers-Cromartie not shying away from matching up against one of the league's most explosive wide receivers.

Knowing nothing in the NFC East is set in stone, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie just wants the Giants to take it one game at a time and get back to winning.


Yes, sir. Yes, sir. The one thing that we have to our advantage is, in the division, they’ve still got to play each other so you know there’s going to be some losses somewhere. So all we can try to do is take one game at a time and just get that one win and get back on the winning side and get that feeling of just winning.”


Having lost in a Super Bowl as a member of the Arizona Cardinals, DRC knows better than most on how to forget the past. In his opinion, it’s a weird hybrid of easy and hard.


“It’s both because you’ve got to have that mentality where you can’t dwell on the past, but it definitely hurts knowing that it’s a few games out there that we definitely should have closed and you don’t close on them. So you definitely always have that in mind, but like you said, you still have an opportunity, you still have a chance, so you’ve just got to move forward.”


Whatever the combination, the 8-year veteran believes his teammates and him need to keep their heads down, practice hard and chase perfection. He’s calling on the entire squad to emulate Coach Coughlin’s energy as the 69-year old has taken to doing jumping jacks in an effort to kick-start his team.


Analyzing the Dolphins’ deep threat Jarvis Landry, DRC knows it's going to be a difficult task to keep the WR under wraps and is looking forward to their battle. The Giants cornerback is confident that he and the Giants can pull out the win


“You’ve just got to challenge him. At the end of the day, you know what they’re capable of, but I think the good thing we have, we go against and see it so much in practice, you’re not at wow. So all you can do is just get out there and challenge the guy. He makes the tough catches, you’ve just got to make it tough on him. Don’t shy away from it because he has that ability. You embrace it and just go out there and play.”

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