Eli Manning Delivers Performance for the Ages

Eli Manning was nothing short of spectacular on Monday Night Football.

Eli Manning led the Giants to a much-needed victory on Monday night against the Miami Dolphins. In what was one of Manning’s best performances of the season, the Giants won 31-24 and were able to hold onto their fourth quarter lead. 

 He was 27 of 31 for 337 yards with four touchdowns on the night. In the first half, Manning was able to lead scoring drives, two of which culminated in passing touchdowns. After the Dolphins scored first after the half, Manning found Odell Beckham jr. in the endzone for a touchdown. Originally called incomplete, the replay showed OBJ dragging his feet in-bounds to record the touchdown. In the fourth quarter, the two connected again, this time for an 84-yard touchdown on a busted coverage. That was the last score of the night as the Giants defense was able to limit the Dolphins, and the Giants got a few crucial first downs needed to run the clock out. 

 Manning had a great night, picking apart the Dolphins secondary, especially with his number one target OBJ. The two have proven to be an elite combination this season. Even with opposing defenses focusing in on Beckham jr. the two are able to consistently wreck havoc on opposing defenses.  The last time Beckham jr. recorded less than 100 yards receiving was in October. OBJ, who always seems up for a challenge, will get his wish next weekend going up against Panthers cornerback Josh Norman who has proved to be an elite cover corner.

 Eli Manning hadn’t played great the last two weeks, but tonight he really proved his worth to his team yet again on Monday night, and the fact that he is getting hot should scare the rest of the NFL. As we have seen, the playoffs are not too big of a stage for Manning, but rather a stage that he has exceled on in the past.  The Giants are squarely in competition for the NFC East at 6-7, sharing that record with the Eagles and the Redskins. With three games left to play, the Giants are in position to make a playoff run. However, those three games are against the undefeated Carolina Panthers, Minnesota Vikings, and Philadelphia Eagles. It is certainly a tough final three games, but if they can find a way to get into the playoffs, anything can happen.  

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