Barry Cofield talks about his experience returning to Giants

Giants defensive lineman excited to be back with Big Blue.

Barry Cofield is back home. The veteran defensive tackle signed a contract with the Giants on Wednesday, returning to the team that drafted him as the 124th pick in the 2006 Draft. In a tip for job seekers everywhere, Cofield actually contacted Steve Spagnuolo and Robert Nunn and offered his services.


I kind of reached out to them after they had a couple injuries up front. I saw that they were going to be in the thick of things in the race, that’s kind of one of the criteria, I wanted to go to a team that had a chance. I just didn’t want to go out there run into a wall for nothing at this point. I reached out to them, Spags (Steve Spagnuolo) and Coach [Robert] Nunn, those are my guys, so I talked to them. Of course, I got around the fl therapy clinic meaning he’s back in shape and ready to roll.


I feel great. Everybody, once they hit like year 8 or 9, they should take a year off. It’s been almost a calendar year since I hit anybody and it definitely shows in the way that I feel. I’m excited about that, I feel like it was a fountain of youth, and I feel like I can play a few more years, that’s my goal.”


Cofield has been understandably nostalgic the last couple of days as he is re-connecting with familiar faces both on and off the field. He singled out the front office as well as the people that make the Meadowlands such a great experience like the building and cafeteria staff and played up Big Blue’s administrative consistency.


Having played for Spagnuolo before, Cofield is relatively familiar with much of the playbook and simply needs to refresh his memory as opposed to starting from scratch.


A lot of the base stuff is very similar, especially the stuff that they’re going to have me doing. They’re not going to throw me completely in the fire but I’m sure I will get burned a little bit. It has to be trial by fire but they’re going to limit the snaps that I take. A lot of the stuff that I’m doing is stuff that’s very familiar and a lot of it is just football, 4-3 defense where I’m most comfortable, and I’m very excited about the opportunity.”

His excitement in re-joining the Giants is palpable for all to see and was no doubt magnified given the welcome he received from all.

It’s interesting. It’s definitely a position I’ve never been in but it’s exciting. It’s exciting to come in with fresh legs even though it’s year 10 for me, I feel like a rookie out there. I’m trying to pick up the playbook, the d-line room has been great and they welcomed me with open arms. They’ve helped me out there, helped me get lined up, and helped me in the classroom. It’s a great group and I’m excited to help them.”

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