Game update

Sehorn's out The Giant Insider has learned that CB Jason Sehorn will not be in the starting lineup this evening when the Giants battle the Broncos in Denver. In his place, third-round pick Will Peterson will get the starting nod.

Also, DT Cornelius Griffin, who practiced for the first time on Saturday, will also be in the starting lineup. Griffin, who has a sprained ankle, has felt pressure from both teammates and coaches to suit up despite the pain he's in. Supposedly, he was given a special type of painkiller by one of his veteran teammates to help him get through the game.

Finally, WR Ike Hilliard will not play. He said that he never actually had a chance to play in this game. He wouldn't even hazard a guess as to how long he'll be out, but our best guess is at least another week or so.

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