Justin Pugh stops short of rooting for Eagles

The Giants need Philadelphia to win in the worst way, but Big Blue's offensive lineman can't bring himself to support Eagle nation.

A few weeks ago, Giants nation became temporary Cowboys fans as Big D defeated Washington and extended New York’s postseason hopes. This week, fans of the G-Men are forced to support Philadelphia for the same reason, against the same opponent. Left guard Justin Pugh was unequivocal in his hope for a Washington loss but also stressed the importance of the Giants taking care of business against a Minnesota team that is still well in the playoff hunt themselves.


“I’m not even going out there, I’m sending all positive vibes out that the Redskins are going to lose, we’re going to do what we need to do and that’s the approach I take.”


“Yeah we’ll definitely know what’s happening so, you know, we got to be cheering for Washington to lose this week and go handle our business. We got to prepare to win a game, we got to get ready to play a good team that’s fighting for a playoff spot themselves.”


While a Washington loss would help the Giants, a win would not necessarily end New York’s playoff drought. This means that Big Blue needs to win regardless of what happens on Saturday night, something Pugh seemed very conscious of as he reiterated the Giants’ need for a W.


“You can only control what you can control and we got to go out there and win on Sunday and put us in a position because if we don’t go out there and win on Sunday, we’re not in no matter what. So we got to go out there and we’ll know going into the game, I think they play Saturday night, so we’ll know going into the game what we have to do and we know we got to win so that’s out goal.”


Looking ahead to the Vikings, Pugh praised their entire defensive line while singling out Everson Griffen and former Giants Linval Joseph. 

The 3rd year tackle out of Syracuse believes his personal knowledge of Joseph will be extremely beneficial if he can overcome Joseph’s herculean strength.                       


“Right across the board, they got good guys and it’s kind of like a broken record, every week we’re talking about how good their defensive line is but, you know, 97’s a great player, a great pass rusher. Obviously, Linval Joseph being here, I know what he brings to the table, one of the strongest guys I’ve ever seen or played against. So, we got our work cut out for us, we have a big test.”



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