Eli Manning: Doesn't help to wonder about coach's job

The Giants quarterback doesn't want to worry about his long-time coach's job status.

Since 2004, Tom Coughlin has roamed the sideline as the head coach of the New York Giants.  Many other coaches have come and go in the league during his stint as head coach.  The Philadelphia Eagles have fired their coach Chip Kelly, who after making the playoffs just two years ago, was expected by some to revolutionize the game.  After already being eliminated from playoff contention there has been talk that Coughlin could be next. 

 The reminders of the questions of the coaching situation will be right in their face as the go up against the Eagles Sunday, with Pat Shurmur filling in as coach.  Eli Manning said it didn’t change how they approached this week saying, “No. We’re playing the Philadelphia Eagles and their players and their team. We’ve got to do a good job of getting prepared. Going against a good defense, good players, and make sure we know what our job is and go out there and play well.”

 Neither team will have a chance to make the playoffs, but Manning spoke to the team wanting to end the season on a high note.  “The whole team, everybody, wants to end on a high note and play well. Understand we’ve got a great opportunity to go play football, something we all love to do, and we cherish these opportunities. So let’s go out there and play at a high level and enjoy playing the game.”

 As long as Eli Manning has been in this league, Tom Coughlin has been his head coach. The duo has won two super bowls in their time together. Manning downplayed his thoughts on it potentially being Coughlin’s final game, and was more focused on doing his job in helping the team defeat the Philadelphia Eagles.

 “I think just worry about this one game and going out there and beating Philadelphia and doing our job.” He also added that, “I don’t think it helps to wonder. I think just follow his lead and listen to what he says, and just worry about going to play football and doing our job.”

 The season will not end in a playoff appearance, which is a disappointment. Yet, Eli says the team will be motivated to end with a win.  “I think just going into the offseason and not feeling too down. Obviously you’re disappointed, but kind of have that last memory to be something to be proud of. All you can do is handle the circumstances that you’re in. This is our circumstance, so try to make the best of it and get a win.”




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