Coughlin not fretting about job security

The Giants head coach focused solely on beating the Eagles in the season finale.

Sunday will be the last game of the 2015 season for both the New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles, but head coach Tom Coughlin is preaching to his Giants players that the game more important than that.

Very important game for both of our teams,” Coughlin said on the Giants-Eagles season finale matchup.

To most fans the Giants and Eagles game on Sunday is just a petty game for two teams that will not be going to the playoffs again for another season.

It’s also a game of two teams that seem to be going into an offseason of uncertainty as well.

Still with all outside noise on the downside of the game, Coughlin is still telling his team it’s a huge game for them and has even set out goals for his team.

Goal number one is have a great week of practice in preparing for the Sunday’s game.

“Our preparation must be as good  as it’s been all year long,” Coughlin said. “Even despite all the things that are going on on the outside, we need to stay focus and understand what can be accomplished in this, our last game.”

The next goal Coughlin laid out for his team is playing a complete game. That entails the Giants to play well in all three phases of the game (offense, defense, special teams), something the team hasn’t done in last couple of game.

“All three phases play their best game,” Coughlin stated. “And that we not beat ourselves.

The last goal Coughlin challenged the Giants with was just simply beating the Eagles.

The Giants have lost their last 3 games against the Eagles, which included being embarrassed on Monday night football in the two’s first matchup this season.

“Win the last game of the 2015 season here at home against a divisional foe and end the year on a great note,” Coughlin said.

The game against the Eagles on Sunday might mark the last game as head coach of the Giants for Coughlin.

With it being now four straight seasons without a playoff appearance and with all the last minute heartbreaking losses that the Giants have dealt with this season, the writing is on the wall for Coughlin’s exit. Not to mention the fact that the Eagles fired their head coach Chip Kelly earlier this week, it could be a sign people say for Coughlin to be the next coach to be let go.

Those off the field distractions though like always do not affect Coughlin, who just focusing on trying his Giants ready for Sunday’s game against the Eagles.

“This is the 16th game of the season and that’s where I’m focused,” Coughlin said. “I am preparing for this game and that’s the best I can do.”

Will see if Coughlin can coach the Giants to a win against the Eagles. A win could may very well save his job or just be a nice ending to a great coaching career with the Giants.

At the end of the day, the season will end officially for the Giants on Sunday and that’s all we know for sure for now.


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