Giants to discuss Coughlin’s future Monday

The 69 year-old NFL lifer will meet with ownership to discuss the future plans of the organization.

 Tom Coughlin wasn’t in a reflective mood when he met with the media following Sunday’s 35-30 loss to Philadelphia.  Serving the past 12 years at the helm for Big Blue,  Coughlin’s two Lombardi Trophies will put him in the pantheon of Giants coaches and almost assure his place in the Pro Football Hall of Fame one day.

 Reports began surfacing this week, first from FOX Sports' Mike Garafolo and Jay Glazer, that Coughlin was prepared to resign from his position and walk off into the sunset with his dignity intact on Black Monday.

 Despite rumors swirling that the long-time Giant would step down from his post, Coughlin was mum on his future job status.

 “You’ve got your questions prepared for what direction I’m going in,” said Coughlin after the season finale against the Eagles. “I’m not going to answer anything about that. The season just ended, there will be time for that. We will get into that discussion. But, again, we practiced well, we prepared well, I don’t think the players were distracted about all that was going on in the outside world. They came in, they wanted to win, we talked about what are goals were, how it was going to be accomplished, etcetera. We got a couple of turnovers, we made the one major mistake. They put the ball in the end zone because of it, and that, unfortunately, leaves us exactly the way the game ended.”

 On Monday, co-owners John Mara and Steve Tisch will meet with Coughlin to determine his fate and the future course of the franchise.

 Coughlin had several members of his family and extended family in attendance, leading to further speculation that Week 17 at MetLife Stadium could very well have been his last rodeo.

Coughlin downplayed the significance of his family being in attendance and chalked it up to just a normal family outing.

 "What happens is fortunately we play at home and the family gets together not on Christmas because people have to visit relatives and in-laws and things like that, and so this is the weekend that our group collects," said Coughlin. "But it was really neat to see it. The kids were all dressed up in a sweatshirt with their name on the back, and I don’t know, it was neat."

 When pushed by reporters as to why he hasn't publicly revealed if he wants to be back next year or not Coughlin replied,

 “No, I’m not answering any more questions, thank you very much. I said that I would think about it, and I will certainly let you know.”


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