Eli Manning: 'We failed' Tom Coughlin

Giants quarterback didn't speculate on future of the G-Men's head coach.

Eli Manning had the disposition of a player who was resigned to the fact that his long-time head coach might have coached his final game with the Giants. While Coughlin met with New York’s ownership on Monday afternoon, Manning couldn’t help but accept the blame on behalf of his teammates for letting his coach down.


“Yeah you just got to—there are some things you can’t control and I think the Mara’s and the Tisch’s know how I feel about Coach Coughlin and the respect I have for him and I think he’s done a great job and he definitely has not failed. I feel that we as players, we failed him by not playing to the level that we could.”


Coughlin spoke with the players briefly before heading out for a meeting with co-owners John Mara and Steve Tisch at 1:00 PM Eastern time.


Manning refused to speculate on what would happen to the only NFL coach he’s ever know, but admitted that the thought of Coughlin moving on makes the Giants quarterback emotional.    


“Yeah, it is,” said Manning is response to it being a tough day for him. “The meeting today, just thinking that it could be the last one with Coach Coughlin up there was tough.”


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