OBJ reacts to Tom Coughlin stepping down

The Giants wide receiver shares his thoughts on the head coach stepping down.

The New York Giants would love to be playing football this weekend, but at 6-10, that isn’t the case.  It was a rough season characterized by many different memories varying from the many fourth quarter blown leads, OBJ’s fantastic performances and disappointing antics, and JPP’s return after his fireworks incident. It ultimately ended in a disappointing season as well as a resignation from long-time head coach Tom Coughlin. 

 OBJ spoke to how tough it is to end the season with making the playoffs, while also being able to start fresh. “It’s just been one of those seasons where we’ve wanted a lot of things to go our way and they didn’t go our way. Being able for it to come to an end, you can kind of just at peace and not quite yet, but eventually turn the page and start a new chapter.” 

 Beckham Jr. spoke about his experience working with Coach Coughlin, and how he helped him grow and mature both on the field and off of it. 

 “Initially a younger player would immaturely think Coach is always on you," said Beckham. "He’s always on you, he’s always you…why is he always on you? Initially I thought it’s because he wanted to be. It was growing up, maturing, and learning that it was because he knew what was in you, he wanted to bring the best out. And he was going to do everything that he could to do that. Along the journey, it’s been great with Coach as far as growing and learning each other and teaching me things, just how to be a man.”

 OBJ went on to say that he loves Coach Coughlin and that he will always be his coach. Additionally, he spoke very kindly and appreciatively about Coach McAdoo saying,” He’s been great. Also a guy whose taught me a lot of things. Having the experience and just being able to teach and we all have learned and grown to know each other throughout this time. It’s been a lot of fun.”

 Looking forward to the offseason OBJ is looking to improve in many areas explaining, “This offseason I just plan on getting bigger, stronger, faster. Maybe run a little track. I really just plan on being able to come back and compete at my best next year honestly.”

 Coach Coughlin is out as head coach, and uncertainty remains with offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo, but Eli Manning and Odell Beckham jr. will be back as one of the best duos in the NFL.




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