Reese: I take full responsibility for everything that happened

New York's GM accepts blame for the Giants shortcomings this season.

Tom Coughlin is no longer the head coach of the New York Giants, but it looks as though Jerry Reese has survived and will be the GM again next season. 


Reese has been a part of the Giants organization since 1994, and has served as the team’s GM since 2007. Having joined the GM role in 2007, he has contributed to two super bowl titles with the Giants. 


Reese spoke at the end of the year press conference. He started by talking about Coughlin and his relationship with him saying, “ He’s been a great partner to work with, and he and I had a really great relationship. He taught me a lot, learned a lot from him, just a hard working guy who loved football. All he wanted to do was win for this organization. I have great respect for him and I just want to say thank you to him and his staff.”


Jerry Reese spoke to their 6-10 season, first by taking full responsibility for the players who are on the roster. 


“Everybody is involved, but I take full responsibility so let me put that on me, right here right now for everybody. You know, the roster is up to me and I take full responsibility for everything that happened.”


Reese prefaced his statement on taking full responsibility by saying he gets a lot of help from team scouts and other people within the organization, but then made sure he took the blame. The roster was probably not talented enough this season, but some things were out of Reese’s control. JPP’s offseason incident hurt the Giants, as he was their best defensive player. Injuries, especially along the offensive line and to the linebackers and secondary, really took its toll.  Reese has been made aware that his chances are running slim, but he deserved at least one more shot to put together a competitive team.


He pointed out that although they were 6-10, a lot of those losses were very closely played contests that could’ve swung the other way on many occasions. They lost 8 of those games by a total of 26 points.

 “We had chances to win a lot of games. We had a couple of undefeated teams in here that we had a chance to win the game… We’ve won super bowls. Seasons are about a call here, a ball bouncing here, a tipped pass here. I’ve said that over and over again, it can change your whole season just a couple of two or three plays.  And that happens, you know, and we’ve been on the wrong end of that. And I do- I’m not making any excuses- we’ve got some personal issues that we have got to resolve. And we will continue to do that and we will do that.”


I think the right move at this point in time is to give Reese another chance to build together a team that can compete. However, the leash is very short, and he needs to start soon. He has done it before, and will be counted on to do it again. 



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