Top 5 Coaches to replace Tom Coughlin

The Giants Beat takes a look at who can fill the big shoes left behind by the future Hall of Fame coach.

Ben McAdoo

This is probably the best option for a seamless head coaching transition heading into the 2016 season. McAdoo has already built a strong pedigree and relationship with Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr. as well as the assorted offensive players around them; his effect on Manning’s play hasn’t gone unnoticed either. In his two years as the Giants offensive coordinator, causing Manning to have two of his three best seasons in competition percentage, yards, touchdowns and interceptions.


With previous experience with Aaron Rodgers and the Packers to add to his pedigree McAdoo is a logical and ideal fit for the New York Giants. The only question his defensive coaching capabilities, which the Giants might put more weight on considering how atrocious their defense was in 2015.


Sean McDermott

McDermott is currently the defensive coordinator for the Carolina Panthers, where he has presided since the start of 2011 season. McDermott has done wonders with the Panthers defense for back to back seasons despite working with minimal talent (at least it seemed that way during week one) in the secondary. While he has had the fortune of working with Luke Kuechley, the Panthers are consistently a top 10 defensive team, and have now won the NFC South for three consecutive years.


Having a defensive oriented Head Coach looking to prove himself could pair nicely with the offensively-weighted roster of the Giants. McDermott will certainly be receiving a plethora of looks from NFL franchises and the Giants have already planned to interview the defensive coordinator per Ralph Vacchiano on twitter.


Mike Shula

Shula is another potential head coach arising from a coordinating position on the Carolina Panthers. As the offensive coordinator this season, he turned an offense that everyone thought was doomed with the loss of Kelvin Benjamin in the preseason, into one of the league’s best. He turned Ted Ginn Jr into a highly-productive role player, produced an MVP caliber season out of Cam Newton and instilled a highly effective run game.


Shula has a spotted resume, with a former offensive coordinating positon on the Jaguars from 2007 to 2010, but has proved himself over the course of his five year tenure with the Panthers. Shula has refused to interview for any team though until the Carolina Panthers season has come to a conclusion; this could hurt him in attaining any head coaching position, but it’s clear he is a loyal coach for his team.


Matt Patricia

Patricia has spent his entire NFL career with the New England Patriots, where over the course of 11 seasons he has coached on both sides of the football. Patricia started as an offensive line coaching assistant back on the Patriots’ 2004 Super Bowl team and has become the defensive coordinator for the team over the last three seasons, where he coaches the defense that won the Super Bowl in 2014.


Having a coach with the breadth of experience on both sides of the ball that Patricia contains, as well as being under Belichick’s wing for 11 years can only mean positive things for his potential as a head coach. Belichick has praised the defensive coordinator on his learning intangible, claiming that Patricia could deconstruct and rebuild an operating plane engine. Patricia would bring a strong balanced head coaching presence to the Giants and comes from a consistently winning and high standards organization in the Patriots. He would bring a strong and needed defensive presence to the Giants as well.


Chip Kelly

Now this may be an eye-roller at first glance but there is no question that Chip Kelly is top-level hire for any head coaching decision. The offensive guru fell out of favor in Philadelphia for being too much of a control freak with the personnel, and making some questionable decisions with that control. That being said, results do not lie; Kelly led the Eagles to back-to-back 10-6 seasons with arguably completely mediocre quarterbacks and wide receivers.


With the fully healthy weapons of Odell Beckham Jr, Victor Cruz, Shane Vereen, and Rueben Randle, Kelly could be a mastermind at the helm for the Giants. His immediate departure in Philly draws some red flags and the Giants may not be able to usurp the personnel power that Kelly may demand. His experience and pedigree definitely makes Kelly a top 5 potential hire for the Giants though. 


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