Coughlin on resigning: Eli's 'not the reason'

Tom Coughlin held a press conference to announce he's stepping down as the Giants head coach and made sure his quarterback didn't feel responsible for the coach moving aside.

 The 12 season quarterback-head coach relationship between Eli Manning Tom Coughlin has ended with the New York Giants.

 Coughlin resigned officially on Tuesday from being the head coach of the Giants and inpart ended one of the best head coach/quarterback combos in NFL history.

 The relationship between Manning and Coughlin has been a special one to say the least.

 In January of 2004, Coughlin was tabbed as the new Giants head coach and three months later, the Giants traded for Manning in 2004 NFL Draft to be their franchise quarterback.

 Since that day, Manning and Coughlin have been joined at the hip; helping lead the Giants to a very successful 12 year run.

 In their 12 years as a head coach/quarterback combo, the two have won a total of 97 regular season games together, three NFC East division championships and have brought to two Super Bowl titles to the city of the New York.

 The only combo that surpasses them in the era that they have been together is Bill Belichick and Tom Brady with the New England Patriots, who Coughlin and Eli have beaten twice in the Super Bowl.

 Their accomplishments as a head coach/quarterback duo is remarkable and symbolizes why they have become a father/son duo over the last 12 seasons..

 In Coughlin’s exit press conference on Tuesday, we all saw a very touching moment between the two men as Coughlin spoke about the character of the quarterback, who as grown in 12 seasons to be like a son to him.


“He's extremely bright. He's extremely competitive,” Coughlin said about Manning. “ He can handle it all. He's what you want a son to be made out of.”


After that statement by Coughlin about him, you could see Manning starting to tear up in the audience.

 From those tears, you could see the admiration and respect that Manning has for Coughlin. As we all know from the multiple post on social media from players that have played for Coughlin in his coaching career, everyone one them has spoken about how much they respected, admired and truly appreciated him for making the not just a better player on the field but also as a better person off the field.

 That’s why they say it was honor for them to play for Coughlin and why after a tough season of heartbreaking losses and finishing a disappointing 6-10 on the year, why Manning feels responsible for Coughlin having to resign as head coach of the Giants.

 As Coughlin said in his press conference, Manning feels he failed him and let him down this year, but old ball coach made sure to let his quarterback know he did not let him down.


He thinks he's the reason. He's not the reason. Eli, it's not you, it's not you,” Coughlin said. “It's us. We win, we lose together. When we lose, I lose. When we win, you guys win. That's the way it is.”


The two men are not a head coach/quarterback duo, but as we saw more of a father/son pair that embodied what all father and son relationships have to offer.

 For 12 seasons Manning and Coughlin have been the leaders of the Giants organization. Yes there were times of frustration, but the two helped lead this proud organization to another glorious era in its illustrious existence.   

 Someday soon Manning and Coughlin will stand side by side in the Giants ring of honor, as they will be celebrated for their accomplishments as coach and as a player. The biggest accomplishment though the two will share though will not be what they did each on the field for the Giants, but the amazing relationship the two will have with each other for the rest of their lives.


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