Eagles, 49ers, Lions interested in Coughlin

Tom Coughlin is a hot commodity on the coaching market this offseason.

Tom Coughlin left a legacy behind that may not ever be repeated by any other Giants head coach, which is winning two Super Bowls. Unfortunately, he also hasn’t made the playoffs since his last Super Bowl win four years ago and his time with the New York Giants finally came to an end as the organization allowed him to respectfully resign as opposed to being fired. If you thought Coughlin resigning from the Giants was a big storyline than imagine him becoming the new head coach of the division rival Philadelphia Eagles.

            It was not surprising at all that Tom Coughlin was granted permission to interview and meet with the Philadelphia Eagles. Coughlin being the head coach of the Eagles would be like Joe Torre managing the Boston Red Sox. It’s just not something that could have ever been predicted and would be a real shot in the back to have our beloved head coach lead our division rivals against us. It would be hard to root against Coughlin but Giants fans hatred for the Eagles might make it rather easy. Reports from ESPN indicated that the interview for the Eagles went very well so it is becoming safe to assume that Coughlin might take the job for the Eagles.

            Despite the fact that due to a year being left on Coughlin’s contract, which would allow the Giants to block him from coaching another team, the Giants want the best for him and will most likely allow him to coach the Eagles. Coughlin would also have something that he hasn’t had in years on the Giants, which is a running back. Demarco Murray would present a great option for Coughlin to use in the run game and if they can find themselves a descent quarterback in the draft Coughlin will feel confident in taking out his former team the New York Giants.

            There is a possibility that Coughlin ends up with the Eagles. That doesn’t mean he signed a contract to be the head coach of the Eagles just yet but he had his interview and reports are indicating that they are confident he can land the job with the Eagles. Especially with so many other teams, such as the San Francisco 49ers and Detroit Lions showing interest in coach Coughlin as well. Only time will tell where the rest of Coughlin’s career ends up but all Giants fans are praying that it isn’t with the Eagles.


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