Reese: McAdoo was Giants 'consensus pick'

New York's GM shared his thoughts on the organization hiring Ben McAdoo as head coach.

New York Giants general manager Jerry Reese has often been criticized in regards to his personnel decisions and roster construction under his regime.


Reese clearly has not provided the Giants with enough talent in recent years, as evidenced by the team falling short of the postseason for the fourth consecutive year.


Reese, who spoke today at Ben McAdoo’s introductory press conference, did not seem overly enthused when speaking about the Giants new head man.


When asked what stood out most about McAdoo, Reese said “Well all the guys were good, it was nothing in particular. We talked about it, we came to a consensus on who we wanted and Ben got the nod.”


This doesn’t quite sound like a ringing endorsement for McAdoo. When pressed about what specifically made McAdoo the right fit, Reese reiterated that there was nothing special about it.


“Again, everybody was good. Again, he’s been here, we think he is the coach for the future for us. Everybody interviewed well. I don’t think anything stood out different from other guys. We came to the consensus about who we wanted to pick and Ben was the guy.”


Reese did say that Manning’s relationship with McAdoo played a part in the hiring.


“That was part of the process," admitted Reese. "That wasn’t the only thing, there were a lot things about Ben we liked. But having the quarterback to stay in the same system, that played a little bit into it. That wasn’t the only thing, a lot of things played into him being the head coach.”


It seems clear that Eli Manning’s familiarity with McAdoo’s offensive system had a lot to do with the hiring. Manning had one of the best statistical seasons of his career in his second year under McAdoo, throwing for a career-high 35 touchdown passes.


When asked about how closely he will work with McAdoo in regards to personnel decisions, Reese stated that the entire staff will be involved in the process.


“Like I said, I’ve been here for 21 years—ever since I’ve been here our coaches, our head coach, and our personnel have always been part of the process with personnel, that won’t change. They’re always a part of it. At the end of the day, it’s my responsibility. If somebody doesn’t get it right, if somebody doesn’t pan out, it’s the GM’s responsibility, okay?”


It will be interesting to see whether the Giants elect to maintain guys like Steve Spagnuolo, or if they decide to assemble a new coaching staff under McAdoo.



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