LOCK’ EM UP: Mets Need to Extend Young Aces

The Amazin's need to keep their young core of starting pitchers together.

And so it begins for Mets fans. The first of the Mets young stud starting pitchers are no longer under team salary control.  Up until now all of the Mets young pitching stars have been paid at a salary chosen by the Met’s with the highest being paid to Matt Harvey at $614,175.  That being said Matt Harvey filed for salary arbitration this past Tuesday.   Second highest paid player is staff ace Jacob deGrom with a modest salary of $556,875.  The combined salaries of Noah Syndergaard, Steven Matz, Zack Wheeler, Harvey and deGrom is less than 3 million dollars. That’s a one third of what Jonathan Niese makes in a year.

These modest salaries to stud players is soon to be a thing of the past for the Mets. The financial avalanche of increasing salaries has now befallen the Met’s in  the coming year.   Matt Harvey will increase his salary by nearly eight times from last year with an expected salary of 4.7 million. The Mets and Harvey will formally exchange figures for a 2016 salary and if the two sides are unable to agree an arbitration hearing will take place in February.

Next year Harvey will certainly get close to fifteen million dollars. Now halfway to free agency Harvey would have to be offered an extension starting at over $100,000,000 to tempt him to sign it. With super-agent Scott Boros representing him the odds are low that Harvey would sign an extension. One big selling point being that Harvey is on pace to be a free agent after the season he reaches the age of 29.

Harvey wants Clayton Kershaw money and the best way to get it is as a younger free agent. Many Mets fans feel that it is inevitable that not only will Harvey leave but will sign with the cross town rival New York Yankees. Harvey did grow up as a Yankee fan and the Bronx Bombers would certainly open up the vault for the Dark Knight so it could happen. The Met’s need to seize the opportunity they still have with the remaining other ace pitchers and offer contract extensions that will provide life changing money to the player.  

Offer all of them Chris Sale type contract extensions (signed in 2013 for 5 years at 32.5 million with two team controlled option years) and see who bites. Indians ace pitcher Cory Kluber also signed a similar extension. Former Indians G.M. John Hart built a powerhouse Indians team in the 1990s by signing talented young players to long-term contracts before they reached eligibility for salary arbitration. The Met’s need to do this now with deGromm, Syndergaard, Matz, Familia, Wheeler, Flores and Conforto. It’s financially smart and it will keep the Met’s fans excited about the team’s future.


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