Tisch on McAdoo hiring: 'It's not a first date'

Giants co-owner weighed in on the hiring of coach Ben McAdoo.

Ben McAdoo has been hired as the head coach of the New York Giants, and although most of the questions about the hire will remain unanswered until the season begins, ownership is excited about the hire.


Co-owner Steve Tisch talked about McAdoo’s ability to be confident without being arrogant.  “I think the quality that impressed me the most this morning was, I think Ben is confident and not arrogant. I think his confidence is going to be very, very valuable as he begins to lead this team. There was not a trace of arrogance and I really appreciated that. I thought he handled himself very, very well in his first time in front of the press, specifically the New York press.”  McAdoo has been around the New York media the past two seasons, but now with all of his decisions being criticized and prodded at as the head coach, things might be different.


Tisch spoke to why McAdoo made sense for the Giants. “I think two years of being the Giants OC is very valuable. It’s kind of like, for us, it’s not a first date. We got to know Ben over two years. His experience working with not only the players, but working under Tom and with Tom and Spags and the other position coaches. That experience is extremely valuable. My sense of Ben is that he’s a great student. I think those two years are a game-changer.”


Continuity has been a well-discussed topic about the hiring.  Some see the continuity as a negative. They think the team may need to be shaken up and should move in a completely new direction. Others see the continuity as a positive that allows the team a smooth transition, specifically Eli Manning, Odell Beckham jr., and the rest of the offense. 


Tisch made comments about the continuity that McAdoo provides and whether that is a good thing or not saying, “I think generically, I think I would say too much continuity could be an issue. But I think based on Ben’s personality, the goals he has set for himself—he outlined how he’s going to approach his new position, his sort of four points of leadership—made me very confident that his game plan is going to be very, very effective and hopefully, very successful.”


The transition to being an NFL head coach has been swift for McAdoo, but Tisch is confident in him. “He’s smart, he’s got a tremendous amount of experience for his age. One of the reporters brought up that 14 years ago he was coaching high school. He didn’t rise to the position he’s in today because of any of the jobs, starting when he a high school coach, were gifted to him. He earned those jobs, he’s earned the positions he’s had.” Tisch concluded saying, “I’m very excited about the reality that Ben is the New York Giants head coach.”


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