OBJ rants on Twitter over playoff couch jokes

The Giants star receiver appeared to be agitated by several social media trolls.

New York Giants star wideout Odell Beckham Jr. went on a twitter rant today after fans poked fun at him about watching the playoffs from his couch.

The jokes directed at Beckham Jr. were most likely a response to a subliminal tweet Beckham Jr. posted during the Panthers vs. Seahawks game. After Jermaine Kearse beat Josh Norman for a touchdown late in the 4th quarter, OBJ seemed to take a subtle shot at Norman. Fans of Norman and the Panthers predictably fired back with jokes about how Beckham Jr. was at home watching from his couch while Norman and the Panthers were moving on to the NFC championship game.

Beckham decided to respond today with a series of tweets directed at those who mocked him.

 Beckham Jr. apparently wasn’t impressed with the unoriginal jokes he was receiving, and encouraged people to be more creative. It seemed like harmless fun at first, but then Beckham Jr. fired off a couple more tweets that gave off the impression that he was a bit annoyed at the constant chirping from fans.

Although Beckham Jr. did not say anything that could get him into trouble, it definitely is not a good look for him. We have already seen instances where NFL players have been punished for negative tweets, as was the case with Miami Dolphins safety Don Jones who was fined and suspended by the Dolphins in 2014 after his negative tweets about former St. Louis Rams player Michael Sam.

It would be in OBJ’s best interest to try and stay out of the spotlight for a while, especially after a tumultuous ending to the season during which he displayed unacceptable behavior. The wise thing to do would be to take the advice of Herm Edwards on personal brand building; “Don't press send!”



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