Eli : It’s ‘possibly’ Peyton’s last game

The New York Giants quarterback is rooting for his brother to go out with a bang.

If it’s the final chapter of Peyton Manning’s legendary career, a storybook ending in Super Bowl 50 is all the Manning family could ask for. Younger brother Eli has won a pair of Lombardi Trophies, but admits that just watching Peyton next Sunday might be somewhat nerve-wracking.

“I’m excited for him,” admitted the Giants quarterback. “It’s been an interesting year for him. From a new coach, to a new offense, just trying to learn that. Dealing with an injury. Having to sit out for seven weeks and he’s never done that before. Coming back as a back-up, he’s never done that before and he gets in and takes advantage of that opportunity and wins it. Now he’s in the Super Bowl. Just excited for him. I’m sure once the game gets there, I usually get a little nervous, that’s just how it is whenever I watch a game, just rooting for him and want the best for him.”

Rumored to be Peyton’s farewell to football, Eli hopes that the Broncos signal-caller ends it on a high note if he does call it quits after this season.

“He has not said anything to me about it,” noted Eli. “I kind of think like everybody else. We see this as possibly being his last game.  I don’t know if he knows himself or he thought about it, but when you get to year 19 and you deal with some injuries and things going on it’d be a good way to go out. I don’t know if it is, but just because of that possibility I hope that he can win this game and if he decides to hang it up, I hope he goes out on top.”

Peyton is 1-2 all-time in Super Bowls and fresh off a 43-8 shellacking by the Seattle Seahawks two years ago, while Eli is undefeated in his two appearances by toppling Tom Brady and Bill Belichick for football’s ultimate prize.

Despite holding the edge in championships over his older brother, Eli doesn’t acknowledge any type of sibling rivalry; instead he’s offering his full support and encouragement to the 39-year old veteran.   

“There’s no bragging rights,” said Eli. “Just because we both know that it’s a team effort. Everything going the right way and one player can’t control the outcome of a whole season or a certain game because there are too many other circumstances. I’ve never mentioned that or we’ve never compared who has more rings. It’s never been a discussion or come up in any way.”


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