30 Players in 30 Days: Zak DeOssie

The special teams extraordinaire will be back with Big Blue in 2016.

Player name: Zak DeOssie is a long snapper and former long backer for the New York Giants. He has played all nine of his career seasons with the Giants and has been a captain for the last five. At the age of 31, DeOssie is in the latter stages of his career but still proves to be a valuable player when healthy.

2015 Highlights: DeOssie is a player that unfortunately was marred by injury. He played a total of 12 games before getting hit with a season ending wrist injury. He totaled 12 games before his injury. Deossie’s injury caused him to miss the last four games. His stats up to the time of his injury weren’t very spectacular as he had a 4 total tackles and one of them were assisted. Every other statistical category is basically nonexistent for DeOssie.

Contract Situation: On Wednesday 17, 2016, the New York Giants resigned DeOssie to a new one year contract. The contract is worth $1.1 million dollars. The deal includes that signing bonus of $ 275 thousand is guaranteed. It also indicated that the base salary from his contract comes up to be $825,000. This now pushes DeOssies free agency back to 2017.

Tradeable/Untradeable: DeOssie as of right now would be considered untradeable until the end of the 2016 season. Fresh off his new one year contract, free agency won’t come around for another year for DeOssie.

2016 Outlook: DeOssie has been a valuable asset to the New York Giants for his whole career. Before his recent injury, he played in all of the prior 149 games of his professional career. That includes regular season and postseason combined. His longevity is proven as he and Eli Manning are the only players to still be from the championship teams of 2008 and 2012. Nine years of experience is never a good thing to waste especially when someone like DeOssie gives consistent production. He has averaged 8-10 tackles within the last four years prior to the 2015 season. He was also named one of the team permanent captains along with Eli and Jon Beason. DeOssie was also captain for the last five seasons. The allegiance that DeOssie has to the Giants has allowed him to be resigned, while his age and injury limited the deal to a single year. So pendijng a full recovery, he should be age to give similar production that he has been known for throughout his Giants career.

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