NFL Scouting Combine: Top 5 Defensive Ends

The Giants Beat takes a look at the Top 5 defensive end prospects who are showcasing their skills at Lucas Oil Stadium.

1.      Joey Bosa, DE Ohio State

Scouting Profile: Bull rush pass attack with exceptional burst off the line. Uses hands very well to create edge. Sheds blocks to get to ball carrier. His pass rush is predictable. Struggles when offenses give him extra attention.

Scheme Fit: Bosa would be an incredible asset on a lackluster Giants D-line. The young defender has some doubters, as his 2014 numbers weren’t followed up in 2015. The upside of Bosa outweighs any doubt, which is why he is touted as the best DE in the draft.

2.      DeForest Buckner, DE, Oregon

Scouting Profile: Extremely powerful especially in his hands. Incendiary speed off the line. Long arms make it hard for carrier to get around him.  His main weakness is playing too tall off the line limiting his ability to get to QB.

Scheme Fit: Buckner would be a strong asset off the end, but may also work as a middleman with his build. He has proved his can play against the run as well as the pass recording 17 tackles for a loss last season. Projected to go to the Bucs at No. 9, if he slips that pick, the Giants should jump on him.

3.     Shaquille Lawson, DE, Clemson

Scouting Profile: Muscular build translates to powerful pass attack. Uses hands and extended arms to set an edge. He lacks flexibility and elite athleticism. Doesn’t have the bend to get around tackles off the edge.

Scheme Fit: Lawson may be a perfect fit in the Giants 4-3 scheme. His ability to shed blocks would be crucial as the Giants had much trouble against the run in 2015. Posting 12.5 sacks and 21.5 tackles for a loss last season, don’t be surprised to hear Lawson called as the No. 10 pick.


4.     Emmanuel Ogbah, DE, Oklahoma State

Scouting Profile: Thick frame able to power through linemen at will. Hard hand slaps added to bull rush makes for effective pass rush. Awareness of plays developing needs improvement as well as his flexibility.

Scheme Fit:  Working in a 4-3 at OSU, Ogbah would benefit the Giants on the edge as a bull rusher compared to JPP’s tactical rush on the opposite side. His speed off the line would have to improve as well as his athleticism to drop back in coverage, but he would be a dynamic pickup for the Gmen.

5.      Kevin Dodd, DE, Clemson

Scouting Profile: Hard competitor. Always follows the ball and slips blocks to make the play. Both aggressive and sneaky in the pass rush. Predictable with hands. Lacks experience.

Scheme Fit: Dodd would add diversity to the Giants D-line that could use his crafty approach on the line. His skills are undeniable, but Big Blue needs to be sure that Dodd can produce on a yearly basis as he only as one year as a starter under his belt.


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