Coach Fassel's comments

"It is very difficult to articulate a response to yesterday's tragedy.

Like all Americans, our organization experienced a broad range of emotions yesterday. Even greater than the anger and sorrow that I felt personally, the overriding emotion I felt was pride as I watched, like everybody else, the courage and the response of the emergency personnel and the citizens of the metropolitan area and beyond.

"It is inappropriate to talk about the games we play right now. That is not what's important. We will get back to the games when the time is right. The league is in the process of determining what to do regarding this weekend's schedule. They have a number of considerations to take into account as they make that decision.

My coaches and I will continue to prepare in the event that we play the games this weekend. We will adjust accordingly when a decision is made.

"Like everybody else in this country, we will have a role in helping to get things back to normal. When we are told that it is our time to be a part of that process, we will do just that."

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