Jerry Reese hints that Giants could be major players in free agency

The Giants will have money to play with this offseason and their general manager won't leave any stone un-turned in the free agent market.

New York Giants General Manager Jerry Reese spoke this past week in Indianapolis at the NFL Scouting Combine. He gave insight into a variety of topics concerning the Giant’s plans for free agency and the upcoming NFL Draft.

 Reese was first asked about the running back situation, as the Giants currently have a crowded backfield as it stands.

 “We have some solid runners on our roster. We have four good guys, I think we have four pros on our roster. We’ll continue to look in the draft, look in free agency, but we think we have four capable guys.”

 Reese then went on to elaborate about how the run game performed last year and what he expects from that unit this season.

 “The run game came on late the last quarter of the season. I thought the run game came on pretty strong. Hopefully we can carry over into next season and keep the run game. I think that was part of the late season, along with some defensive issues. I didn’t think we were able to run the ball like you should to close those games out. Rashad Jennings had more carries and got in a better rhythm. I think the run game will continue to progress and help us into the next season.”

 I would expect the Giants to cut ties with at least one of their running backs, possibly Andre Williams, and look to address the position towards the middle rounds of the draft.

 Reese was then asked if he expects the Giants to be a big player in free agency, because of the great deal of cap room the team currently has.

 “We’re pretty healthy with our cap situation right now. We have to wait and see who’s going to hit the market. We’ll definitely look in the market and see if there’s players available for us to recruit. Hopefully we will be able to land some guys if some guys are available.”

 It seems likely that the Giants will look to make a splash in free agency. The roster needs more talent, especially on the defensive side of the ball, and it would not be surprising if the Giants look to land a big name player on defense.

 When asked about how realistic it is to fill all positional needs in free agency and have some flexibility in the draft, Reese said he believes it's feasible.

 “This is the National Football League, you can get well pretty quickly in the National Football League. You can get players in free agency, you can get players in the draft, you can get players in trades. Again, we lost a lot of close games. A couple snaps here and there, our season could have went a different way, but it didn’t. We have work to do obviously, but I think we’re close enough to believe that we can compete for the NFC East.”

 The Giants certainly have their work cut out for them, but they have the cap space to seriously upgrade the roster. If Reese and the Giants are smart about the moves they make this offseason, Big Blue should be competing for the NFC East title next season. 

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