Coughlin travels with Giants to NFL's Scouting Combine

The long-time Giant coach retired this past winter, but he can't seem to get coaching off of his mind.

Tom Coughlin and the Giants do not seem ready to part ways just yet. The Giants former head coach accompanied his replacement Ben McAdoo on the same plane to the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis.

 Coughlin is no longer employed by an NFL team, but he is going to be in Indianapolis as a part of the “Madden Committee”, which is the NFL’s subcommittee of the competition committee. The Giants have also offered Coughlin a position with the team as a consultant, which is strange considering we have not seen many instances of a head coach remaining with the team in a lesser role after he is terminated.

 Coughlin, 69, admitted that he is having trouble adjusting to life after football.

 “Not well, not very well, to be honest with you,” Coughlin said of how he's handling the transition earlier this month. “It's a difficult thing; I don't care who you are, or how long you've been doing it -- (and) I've been doing it a long time. You get yourself into the rhythm. Your whole life, your calendar of your life is based on football, about the seasons. Whether it's in season or out of season you have a schedule that you follow. So, there's some adjusting for me to make.”

 To put this all into perspective, the Giants former coach who was seemingly forced out is flying with his replacement on the same plane to Indianapolis, while simultaneously deciding whether or not he wants to take a front office role with the team. There is certainly no precedent for this situation, and it is a very odd circumstance any way you look at it.

 Coughlin had spoken to both the 49ers and Eagles when they each had head coaching vacancies, but each team decided to pass on Coughlin and go in another direction. The 49ers went with former Eagles head coach Chip Kelly, while the Eagles hired Doug Pederson, an Andy Reid disciple.

 It will be curious to see whether or not Coughlin chooses to accept a front office position with the Giants. He clearly is having trouble being away from the game even though it has only been about a month, but it is fair to wonder if Coughlin would be content with taking a backseat in an organization that he was the face of for the past decade. 


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