NFL Scouting Combine: Top 5 Wide Receivers

The Giants Beat ranks the top 5 wide receivers showcasing their skills in Indy.

1. Laquon Treadwell, Mississippi

Scouting Profile: As a major high school recruit, Treadwell was a consensus All
American, and was the overall number 1 receiver in the nation. During his freshman year at Ole Miss, he went 72-608 for five touchdowns. Upon his sophomore year, he got injured by breaking his fibula. Yet his stats that year were great as he ran 632 yards from 48 catches to get nine touchdowns. Getting healthy by his senior year by losing 25 pounds, he excelled by having 82 catches for 1153 yards and 11 touchdowns. His efforts led him to be on the first team All-SEC by the coaches, and a Biletnikoff Award finalist.

Strengths: Treadwell has a great combination of height and length for his body. Plays the position very well and always has a feel for the defender. Body control is excellent when it comes to catching the football over decent sized defenders. His footwork always him to be able to change his routes while running. He also knows spacing and how to help give the quarterback a clean look to throw.

Weaknesses: His vertical speed is not something to be extremely worried about. While in the pros, he might have trouble getting himself free from quick cornerbacks. Treadwell needs to be more physical against the press for his release.

Fitting In: His size and length would be a great fit the Giants and he could be a valuable new scoring option.

2. Will Fuller, Notre Dame

Scouting Profile: Within his two years at Notre Dame , Fuller would get over 2,200 yards and 29 touchdowns. For his play in 2015, was named Irish team MVP.

Strengths: Has a big time vertical and his catches cover major distance. His balance and steadiness allow his to control the stride in his run.  Works to establish leverage against the man coverage.  Also change direction without slowing down.

Weaknesses: Fuller is very undersized and legs don't have a lot of muscle. During his last two seasons, he dropped the ball nine different times. He is also not savvy enough for the underneath and intermediate routes.

Fitting in: May fit in but won't receive big time minutes. Fuller is still capable of making a big play but may not have the opportunity too.

3. Corey Coleman, Baylor

Scouting Profile: During his freshman year as a redshirt, Coleman would catch 35 passes for 527 yards and two touchdowns. In 2015, he would receive the Biletnikoff Award for being the nation's top receiver.

Strengths: Foot speed and agility is incomprehensible. Can build up speed before people can react to catch up. Very explosive and get the ball over any contest. Has built experience as a punt returner and a ball carrier.

Weaknesses: Can't break down his speed after hitting his maximum. Drop percentage is up to 11.0 percent. Tends to lose focus when routes end up taking him to the middle. Has also recently just had hernia injury that caused him to miss the bowl game.

Fitting In: A great punt returner that can definitely make an impact immediately especially with his reliable speed.  

4. Tyler Boyd, Pittsburgh

Scouting Profile:  During his years at Pitt, Boyd set numerous receiver records for receptions and receiving yards. As a freshman, he would receive all third team honors with 1174 yards off 85 catches and would get 7 touchdowns. Boyd in his sophomore and junior years would receive first and second team ALL-ACC honors.

Strengths: Has a intense competitive spirit and will fight through the middle. With his great body control, he can make creative and acrobatic catches in tough situations. He’s versatile for  handling kick and punt returns. Will slow routes down so he won't be converged into the middle by safety.

Weaknesses: Not fast enough to run by corners and may have to use routes and hands to his advantage. Boyd was very limited due to his inability to break tackles and being a possession receiver. Has to have more security with the football and needs to use his body more.

Fitting In: Can fit in with the Giants as long he does what he is capable of doing. Running consistent routes and being active can help make stamp his mark on the team. 

5. Charone Peake, Clemson

Scouting Profile: Coming from high school as one of the top 15 prospects, Peake took a slow start to his freshman year. Then his sophomore year three games in, he tore his ACL and had to redshirt. In 2015 while healthy, Peake finished the season with five touchdowns off 50 receptions.

Strengths: Has an excellent correlation of speed, length, and size. Consistent with his direction of speed in routes.

Weaknesses: His hands are small and very slow to react to a catching situation. Peake can also react slow to open spots in zones. Has had two major knee injuries in the past.

Fitting In: Production is very skeptical but may prove to be valuable in certain moments of the game. When healthy, his athleticism could carry him far.


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