NFL Scouting Combine: Top 5 Quarterbacks

The Giants Beat takes a look at the Top 5 quarterbacks showcasing their skills at the Scouting Combine in Indy.


1.      Jared GoffCalifornia 

Breakdown: For most people there is a distinctive top 3, but people seem to differ on who they think is the top quarterback. I think Goff is that guy. He has a solid arm, good accuracy and great pocket awareness. He shouldn’t have a problem making throws, and has proven to be a productive quarterback throughout his career at Cal. He might not be Aaron Rodgers, but I think he will be a pro-bowl caliber player who could end up being a top 5 quarterback in the league one day.


Carson Wentz,  North Dakota

Breakdown: People have been raving about him in the few days since the combine, but his stock has been shooting through the roof for a while now. From a small school, Wentz missed most of the season with a broken wrist, but returned to lead his squad to a championship He is an inch taller than Goff at 6”5, and is a thicker build. He also has a very strong arm. The only reservations that I have with Wentz are the level of competition he played, and his ability to stay healthy. Otherwise, Wentz should be a solid starting quarterback in the NFL.

 Paxton LynchMemphis Tigers

Breakdown: Lynch is physical specimen for a quarterback. At 6”7 244 lbs, he is still a very mobile athlete, especially for that size. I have seen comparisons of him to both Joe Flacco and Colin Kaepernick. I think he needs to learn how to be more accurate when he is forced to flee the pocket, but can make plays well with his feeet. However, his strong arm and athletic ability can make him a successful quarterback.


Connor CookMichigan State Spartans

Breakdown: Connor Cook is an interesting prospect. He has a lot of talent and has proved to be very productive throughout his career. Yet, his leadership and character has been questioned over the past year. He was not elected caption as a senior after starting the previous three seasons. He led the team to wins in the 2013 and 2015 Big Ten Championship games. He has the tools to be a good NFL quarterback with a good arm and good but not great accuracy. He played in a pro-style attack and has played pretty well in big moments, but he may not have the star potential as the above players. He should be a consistent player and will likely be the fourth quarterback taken.


Jacoby BrissettNC State

 Breakdown: The decision for the first four was pretty simple for me. This spot was more difficult. I thought about Christian Hackenberg, Cardale Jones, and even Brandon Allen before settling on Jacoby Brissett. He is yet another big quarterback at 6”4 235 lbs, and is very mobile. He played well in big games, especially Florida State in both 2014 and 2015.  He has a huge arm good mobility, but has to work on being pressured, as well as accuracy problems.  Has the tools, but needs a good bit of work. Potential is there, and some coaches might take the risk in search of a big-time reward. 

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