Coughlin has 'hard feelings' toward Giants

The Giants coach admits that he didn't go out on his own terms.

On January 4, 2015 it was widely reported that Tom Coughlin was resigning and stepping down as head coach of the New York Giants. In a statement released by Coughlin, he claimed to have told owners John Mara and Steve Tisch that he was stepping down in the best interest of all parties.

"Don't think that there aren't some hard feelings there. There are," Coughlin admitted on ESPN Radio this week. "That's just natural. I just try to control them when the moment is right."

 Now, Coughlin claims to have hard feelings, and it is clear that the resignation was at least forced or nudged upon to some extent. Coughlin’s departure seems like it may have been initiated because of his understanding that, due to the lack of success that the team had become accustomed to, a change may have made sense. Nonetheless, it is evident that the change is taking its toll on Coughlin, who has roamed the sideline as the head coach of the New York Giants for the past 12 seasons.

 Coughlin saying that he doesn’t agree with the move leads many to believe that the resignation was forced more so than it was a true resignation or retirement. In fact, Coughlin has said that he wants to remain a part of the game in some capacity one way or another, so saying it was a retirement would not be an apt or fair description.

 This whole situation is rather interesting and confusing. It seems to me like the decision makers within the Giants organization felt like a change was needed. Yet they didn’t necessarily want to make the questionable P.R. move that it would be to fire a well-respected coach who had won multiple Super Bowls for them. Or maybe Coughlin agreed then, but is now having second thoughts. Either way I do not think this situation has been handled in a good manner, because it is clear that what has been said in public might not have been as transparent about how things actually occurred in private.

 Regardless, both sides have had a long, successful tenure with one another, but sometimes a change is needed. I’m still not sure if that was the right move for the Giants, but it’s been made.  The fact that it has been made isn’t in question but how they did it is definitely questionable at this point. 


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